BUCLD 40 Online Proceedings Supplement

Edited by Jennifer Scott and Deb Waughtal
September 2016

Sensitivity of Turkish Infants to Vowel Harmony in Stem-suffix Sequences: Preference Shift from Familiarity to Novelty
Aslı Altan, Utku Kaya and Annette Hohenberger

Mouse Tracking Reveals Knowledge of Multiple Competing Referents During Cross-situational Word Learning
John P. Bunce, Chelsea Gordon, Drew H. Abney, Morgan M. Fleming, Michelle Greenwood, Eric Chiu, Michael J. Spivey and Rose M. Scott

The processing of garden-path sentences by L2 learners of English: a visual word study
Carla Contemori, Lucia Pozzan, Phillip Galinsky & Paola E. Dussias

Phonological versus Lexical factors in Children’s Productions at the Onset of Word Use
Barbara L. Davis, Suzanne V.H. van der Feest and Hoyoung Yi

Cross-linguistic Variation in the Acquisition of Clitics: Evidence from French and Catalan
Anna Gavarró, Stéphanie Durrleman, and Hélène Delage

Second Language Learners’ Ability to Use Case Marking Information in Processing Japanese Relative Clause Sentences
Masahiro Hara

The Acquisition of Projective Content: An investigation of the presupposition trigger too in English
Masoud Jasbi

Verb Acquisition in English and Turkish: The Role of Processing
Maxwell Kon, Tilbe Göksun, Aslıhan Bagci, & Sudha Arunachalam

Prosodic Focus Marking in Minority L1 Bai-Children Learning Mandarin Chinese as L2
Zenghui Liu, Aoju Chen, and Hans Van de Velde

Comparing the Distributional Learnability of Stops, Fricatives, Glides, and Vowels
Emily Moeng

Children’s sensitivity to prosody and discourse-pragmatic conditions: the case of corrective focus in Italian
Vincenzo Moscati, Claudia Manetti, Adriana Belletti, and Luigi Rizzi

Acquisition of Overt and Null Pronoun Interpretation in L2 Japanese
Marisa Nagano

Variable L2 Acquisition of Spanish Differential Object Marking by L1 English Speakers
Will Nediger, Acrisio Pires, and Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes

Acquisition of Turkish vowel harmony in low-frequency and zero-frequency contexts: Evidence for Full Access in L2 phonology
Öner Özçelik & Rex A. Sprouse

Deafness, Theory of Mind, and Figurative Language Comprehension
Francesca Panzeri and Francesca Foppolo

Children with SLI’s Answers to Wh-questions
Kelly Rombough and Rosalind Thornton

The Time is at Hand: Literacy Influences Children’s Gestures About Time
Lauren J. Stites and Şeyda Özçalışkan

Cross-linguistic Effects in L2 Acquisition of Causative Constructions
Kazunori Suzuki, Koki Shioda, Nozomi Kikuchi, Maki Maetsu, and Makiko Hirakawa

Acoustic Analysis of Prosody in Spontaneous Productions of Minimally Verbal Children and Adolescents with Autism
Jill C. Thorson, Nicole Usher, Rupal Patel, and Helen Tager-Flusberg

Acquisition of Differential Object Marking in Estonian
Virve-Anneli Vihman, Elena Lieven, and Anna Theakston