Abstract Review Guidelines


Reviewers are asked to use the following criteria, as appropriate, for the abstracts they evaluate. Note that not all criteria will apply equally well to each abstract.

  1. Is the question or issue clearly stated?
  2. Is the significance of the work clearly stated? Is relevant previous work appropriately cited?
  3. If relevant, are the method, data collection, and analysis procedures well-designed and appropriate to the question addressed?
  4. Is the conceptual framework coherent? If relevant, is the theoretical analysis well-argued?
  5. Is the work original? Does it present new data (if relevant), particularly from less-studied languages?
  6. Is the work completed, or does it show very strong promise of being completed in time for the conference?
  7. Are the conclusions justified in relation to the data and/or analyses?
  8. Is the abstract written clearly and organized well?
  9. Is the topic of scientific, methodological or theoretical importance?
  10. Is the paper timely in terms of current issues of interest in the field of language development?
  11. Is the paper likely to be of interest to a reasonable number of attendees at BUCLD?