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Bud Collins

March 7, 2016

Bud Collins (COM’09)

"Bud Collins not only broke down barriers in making tennis a major sport, and pioneered the procession of journalists becoming television commentators, but Collins was an even more important figure in the world of journalism than that," writes Ed Siegel (CAS'71) on WBUR's The Artery. "He broke down barriers between writing about sports, and writing about the world. Billie Jean King admired him, and so did Howard Zinn." Collins had finished all of his College of Communication classes in 1955 but never completed a thesis because he had a full-time job at the Boston Herald. In 2009, Thomas Fiedler (COM’71), dean of COM, presented him with an official degree, a master of science in public relations. (Fiedler accepted Collins’ book, The Bud Collins History of Tennis, in lieu of a thesis.) Read Siegel's tribute...

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