About our Lab

The Biomedical Optics Lab was founded within the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University in 2001 by Professor Irving J. Bigio. The focus of our research is in the development of minimally-invasive research-oriented and clinical (both diagnostic and therapeutic) tools, based on optical technologies. Our applications span the breadth of the human body.

Our projects include:

  • Optical Biopsy: we develop tools to measure non-invasively the reflectance spectrum of biological tissues to diagnose diseases such as cancer and to identify tissue types.
  • Sensors to monitor the response of tumors to specific treatments.
  • Real-time imaging feedback systems for tissue profiling and guidance during surgery.
  • Optical methods for noninvasive imaging of neural activation and brain function.
  • Birefringence microscopy for high-resolution imaging of myelin and cerebral arteries, relevant to neurodegenerative diseases and neuronal connectivity.

Birefringence image of crossing axons in the cortex-white-matter transition zone.