Winter 2015: Letter from the Editors

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As we enter the third year of the Boston Hospitality Review and our second year as Editor and Publisher, we continue to be inspired by the focus of this publication. To quote our colleagues and predecessors, Brad Hudson and Chris Muller, “The Boston Hospitality Review is an interdisciplinary publication devoted to scholarship and reflection about the theory and practice of hospitality as a business activity and cultural phenomenon. It has a special connection to our Boston home, and to the surrounding New England region, but the topics discussed will usually transcend geographic boundaries. In the current vernacular, our editorial policy is to act locally and think globally.”

This past year the BHR has traveled far away (Budapest, Hong Kong and Zurich) and close to home (New England, New York and Boston). Authors have covered operational and managerial topics including housekeeping, technology, marketing, food and beverage, branding, human resources and leadership. Trends and practices addressed have ranged from historical perspective – dating back to early Roman times to current use of technology on iPads to maximize restaurant profitability.

The first issue of year three continues the practice of appealing to a range of readers – academics, industry practitioners and those just interested in the hospitality field. It covers six diverse topics from the healthy (spas in New England and farm-to-table sustainability), to the historic (a 60 year old Boston-based, family-run doughnut shop, and Cunard’s 175th anniversary and its longstanding ties to Boston), to the innovative (a new perspective on the product life cycle and the blurring lines between restaurants and grocery stores).

We hope you can use these articles in the classroom, with a colleague or simply in dialogue with a friend. We invite you to offer us feedback or suggestions about topics you would like covered – or better yet – we welcome your contributions to future issues.


Arun Upneja           Michael Oshins
Publisher                 Editor


  1. First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for your continued support and engagement basketbros. It is your readership and feedback that inspire us to strive for excellence and deliver meaningful content that resonates with you.

  2. The Boston Hospitality Review (BHR) is introduced as a publication that centers on the theory and practice of hospitality as both a business shell shockers activity and a cultural phenomenon. The authors express their inspiration and enthusiasm for the publication’s purpose and mission.

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  4. What a captivating letter, Arun Upneja and Michael Oshins! It’s evident that the Boston Hospitality Review has embarked on an exciting journey, reflecting a commitment to both local roots and global perspectives. Your dedication to bridging academic insights with industry practices is commendable.

    The diverse array of topics covered in the past year, spanning from the intricacies of housekeeping to the evolving landscape of technology in restaurants, showcases the publication’s versatility. It’s fascinating how you’ve explored historical contexts, delving into early Roman times, while also dissecting contemporary trends like utilizing iPads for restaurant profitability.

    The lineup for the first issue of year three seems equally promising and eclectic, ranging from spas and farm-to-table sustainability to a deep dive into a 60-year-old Boston-based doughnut shop and Cunard’s 175th anniversary. The exploration of the blurring lines between restaurants and grocery stores is a particularly intriguing and timely perspective.

    Your invitation for feedback and suggestions is both inclusive and encouraging. It’s clear that the Boston Hospitality Review is not just a publication but a dynamic platform open to engagement and collaboration. Kudos to your editorial team for steering this ship so effectively, and here’s to another year of thought-provoking content and insightful discussions!

    Warm regards,

    Brian J. Harris

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