Many students join BU Bands as a way to make friends at the beginning of their college career, but they are unable to predict just how much their new family will impact their lives. No matter if a student participates in many ensembles or just one, the sense of community is strong throughout. Students new and old gain mentors in the staff, faculty, and upperclassmen, and they immerse themselves in a network that stretches across all walks of life in the university.

Our members perform across the Boston community, making connections with both musicians of other universities as well as other organizations throughout the city. Students have the opportunity to see themselves grow through our program and to learn what it means to be dedicated and take pride in the work that they do.

Many members step outside of their comfort zone by learning new instruments, taking on a leadership role, or completing service projects with the help of both friends and instructors, and along the way they are exposed to new ideas and ways of thought.

Through band banquets, travel opportunities, and collaboration with other departments of the university, our students graduate Boston University feeling both enriched by their experiences and grateful for the family and memories that they will always take with them.

– Alex Mowen (CAS/CFA ’19) & Dana Zareski (CAS ’19)