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There are 4 comments on POV: The Biden-Trump Rematch May Mark the End of an Era

  1. The real disappointment about the 2024 election is that Trump is even allowed to run at all after January 6th. He should be in prison and barred from ever serving in public office. He had no business being president in the first place, and people STILL want to reelect him after that?

  2. Sonny,
    The fact that Biden is allowed to remain in office is the greater threat to democracy. How can he be too feeble and lack the mental acuity to be prosecuted for his improprieties but somehow still be allowed to run for another term? I enjoyed America more when there were no wars, a burgeoning economy that benefited all Americans and a secure border rather than importing over 10 million illegals. Oh and let’s not leave out NOT weaponizing the DOJ to prosecute ones political opponents.

  3. CommonSenseAmerican,

    Biden is not “too feeble and lacking the mental acuity” nor did anyone make that claim for your strawman argument. Please elaborate on when this magical time was when the United States wasn’t engaged in some kind of military action, or did you forget that the “War on Terror” has yet to end, and our military presence in Afghanistan didn’t end until 2021? Trump didn’t end our “military action” in Afghanistan or any where else in the Middle East, nor did any other President since George W. took us into that mess. As an Iraq War vet, I’ve been there. Have you?

    Economic shifts take time to take hold. Just as Trump’s term got to enjoy the results of Obama’s efforts, the current mess was generated by Trump, the protectionist and kleptocrat-friendly policies he and his cronies managed to force through via executive action, and the rampant corporate malfeasance perpetrated prior to, during, and following the pandemic, a pandemic that was far far worse than it needed to be, because of the short-sighted actions of the Trump administration and outright abandonment of measures put in place by the Obama administration. The fact that Biden is still struggling to right the ship speaks more to the damage Trump caused than anything else.

    Similarly, no one is “importing millions of illegals” unless you mean the Southern governors transporting immigrants looking for asylum to Northern states as political stunts, actual human trafficking, by the by. If you mean the millions of people looking for safety from the beacon of Democracy to their north, partially motivated by the longstanding claim that we are the “land of freedom and opportunity” while also motivated by the massive violence that has been engendered in their home countries by “foreign governments protecting their interests,” we should stop letting rich people demonize them as scapegoats for the small-minded, and instead welcome them in as new brothers and sisters. My family came to America, once upon a time, just as yours did, and that shared immigrant past is one almost all Americans share. That shared story is what made America great, and what still makes it great today.

    Finally, no one is weaponizing the DoJ to go after political opponents. If Trump didn’t want to deal with being prosecuted for crimes, maybe he shouldn’t have committed so many, so blatantly, with so little actual thought. No one is above the rule of law in America. Not the lowest person, as you might be familiar, nor the highest person, not even the President.

  4. The schism in the US is rural v. urban. If you take a careful look at a blue v. red map of the US, there are only a few blue spots, and those are the urban centers. It may surprise you to see that even California is mostly red, but the population centers are blue. In the 2020 election, Biden won a mere 477 counties compared to Trump’s 2497 (source: AP news), but Biden won the popular vote with 477 counties that are mostly urban with huge populations. If you want to see where this country is headed, look at the cities.

    I won’t be voting for either Trump or Biden. I hope no one does. However, fear of Democrat incompetency or Republican extremism will drive voters to the polls to vote against one or the other.

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