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There are 10 comments on Once Again, Our Nation Is Forced to Talk to Children about Guns, Deaths

  1. We can pass more laws, we can even ban all guns. We are still going to have people who hate people and want to hurt people. They’ll do it with guns; they’ll do it with something else. I know lots of nice people who own guns, but it’s the hateful ones who make the headlines.

    1. I’ve got family and friends who are responsible owners but all of us agree laws have become to relaxed. Why should it be easier to own a gun than a car?

      Or in Uvalde where police officers didn’t go save the children because they were scared of an AR-15. We don’t have to ban all guns, but no background checks or basic laws to restrict use and protect our police and families seems like a missed opportunity.

    2. Dear Perpetual Student,

      I agree, and it’s easier to explain to my kid about “hateful people” than it is to explain why we continue to supply automatic weapons to be purchased in the market and how kids die from this.

      When my kid questions why the kids could not have shielded themselves from the killer, wrestled the killer to the ground, run away from the killer, and or threw something at them to distract or otherwise make some time to get away there are simply no words of assured self preservation and a safety plan.

      for each of those questions posed above by my littles there is no possible way any of them would work when you have an automatic weapon that can fire rounds in seconds and penetrate walls and doors and slaughter you to the ground in the time you turn to run.

      Sure, there’s going to be hateful people. To me, the hateful people are the ones who continue to allow these guns to be available; continue to harp on their Constitutional (and God given) Right to have these weapons; refuse to take action to ban this form of weaponry; and take objection at every conversation and proposal that addresses our right in this Country to have protection from harm that this weaponry is wielding upon US.

      In answer to the “something else that hateful people can use”: knives, ropes, hand guns, egg beaters, or anything else one wants to use in order to kill a child can be wrestled to the ground, have something thrown at them to distract, and or otherwise, provide some TIME to get away, get to safety, find cover….

      These are not guns for “sport”. These are not guns for “hunting”. These are not guns for anything but warfare and killing on the spot, in short order, and without a second to lose. And the folks out there who do not want to have THAT conversation and refuse to ban these weapons are complicit in killing our kids!…

  2. I find the title and brief summary/introduction (in the bu today email) to be a little facetious. Yes, many of us have a kind of resigned tiredness to more news about gun violence, particularly in schools or incidents that impact children, but the kind of “oh look it happened again; yep another one!” feels deeply inappropriate to me.

    These are terrible tragic events and it can be unbelievably frustrating when it seems the majority of the country wants to pass common sense gun laws to stop these deaths, only to be stopped by a few in power, but think about those in communities who have been impacted directly by these tragedies. To have gone through this kind of event, only to read “Stop if this sounds familiar (actually don’t stop, it’s too important): there was another shooting, at another school, and more children are dead. And, once again…”. It’s a little dehumanizing, frankly. It’s a reminder that even to those with the best intentions, we turn into little more than statistics for either political party to recite to make a point.

    1. I agree, I found it to be a very flippant description of a great tragedy. The high frequency of school shootings does not make each event any less devastating.

  3. We should not be here in this time and place. Yet, here we are. Who and what is keeping US in this place? Look at the folk who do not and will not discuss and make a decision about these AR-15s, and other weapons of war that can slaughter children and people in seconds without a pause and without a doubt.

    All these children dead, slaughtered, killed and still we have folks who can make a difference about what goes on with US stall, refuse to talk about bans of any sort, and use Constitutional Rights to absolve them of any responsibility what so ever! It’s alarming, it’s sickening, and it’s ignorant.

    Be sure to listen to these folks who you are voting for and who you support because this is not going to change as long as this group of Party boys and girls who support keeping things status quo with guns and keeping what is on the market to buy freely. Kids and people will continue to be slaughtered and killed.

    Of course, these Party boys and girls will come up with lots of ways to keep the status quo of guns and glory by offering ideas on mental health, police installed in schools, prison built school grounds, –the list goes on… All in the name of keeping their weapons of war.

    These Party boys and girls are good at gas lighting. So, once mental health; police; bullet proof metal school walls, etc. are in place, they can blame them for what is going on, They can point and yell and scream that “they” (usually those who want protection from harm, equity, and equality) are not doing their job!!. These Party boys and girls are good at turning up the gas and igniting it in order to be sure the flame does not touch them. And then fan the flames liberally towards those who care, want protection from harm, and seek equality and equity….

    Watch, Listen, and VOTE responsibly for our children and all of US!…

  4. Okay, so let me try this again since my last comment must have been offensive to some group and or individuals:

    The tile and content of this article is: “Once Again, Our Nation is Forced to Talk to Children about Guns, Deaths.”

    My questions:

    Why are we being “forced again”? Does anyone ever wonder why we are here once again and “forced” to talk to our children about guns and death? What makes this so hard for US? Who are the folks, the group, and or the leadership in this Country forcing US to once again talk to children about guns and deaths?

    Martin states in this article, “…Bottom line though: If we don’t address the impacts that structural racism plays in the conversation or implement any sort of large-scale reforms through common-sense regulation, these events will continue to happen and resulting trauma will continue to occur.”

    President Biden announced to the Nation that he wanted to proceed with a conversation and forward action towards banning AR-15s and automatic assault weapons in this Country. Who does not want to address this? Why do we (they?) not want to address this in this Country? Have we all been blinded by something; some group; or someone; that we refuse to open this conversation up and take clear, decisive, “common-sense” action towards this problem in US now –once again, and for all? Who is holding this up? Who are these folks who keep the status quo of systemic racism operational and uphold their loyalty to weapons of war as “free” objects to have and to hold –and kill? Who calls these weapons: “objects of sport”? Whose afraid that their freedoms will be tampered with? Who is forcing US to talk to our children about guns and death over and over again?

    Lots of questions here on just, WHY, are we here once again to talk to children about guns and death. What should I say to my kids when they ask why people have these guns that have caused so much pain, so much tragedy, so much loss? Out of my abject grief, WHO, what group, and or which leader is it that I should I be angry with? Who (and or what group/leader) should I make feel a little “uncomfortable” about their reprehensible irresponsibility as indicated by their refusal and objections to open the conversation up and take decisive, common-sense action to stop this idiocy –now and once again for all of US!

    My kids are waiting for an answer while they are practicing Lock Downs, Lock Outs, and Building Evacuation…

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