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There are 15 comments on Are You a Novid—Someone Who’s Never Had COVID? Science Has Some Clues Why

  1. “Vaccination is the number-one reason I would say. That’s the major factor. Cautious behavior is big. Wearing masks on public transportation and other crowded settings matters. ”

    While I admire narrative-supporting speculation as much as anyone, I presume Prof. Assoumou is being interviewed for her expertise and knowledge of the literature. If so, what research supports her contention that vaccination, cautious behavior, or mask wearing were significant reasons that some people did not get COVID?

  2. I guess I’m Novid. I was scared into getting the first Pfizer dose but quickly regretted it. My husband has had Covid twice now but I have not gotten it yet. I do take precautions still by wearing a mask in public areas and carrying hand sanitizer. I sanitize heavily used areas in my house but otherwise carry-on as I was pre pandemic.

  3. I am a “super dodger” who’s never had the covid or maybe I had it but with no symptom in the past three long year. Maybe two cure reasons can explain my luck: fully vaccinated plus two boosters, always mask up when going outside until now, avoid crowded places. But I am also curious that if I have some immune systems which can protect me from the COVID-19 virus, therefore if there are some research projects study about this, I am happy to join as the research subject.

  4. I too have not had Covid. Following the guidelines I feel is the reason I as well as my husband and grandchild have not had Covid. We have been vaccinated and two boosters for myself and my husband with my 5 year old grandchild being vaccinated with no boosters.. I truly think the guidelines kept us safe. We go church and mini staycations .. No big crowds and ALWAYS wear mask… ALWAYS…We sanitize not so much now but hand washing is very very frequent through out the day..We don’t have many guest over but older children are tested at times when they come over..We mask when shopping or around other people that don’t live in our house hold.. Jesus has kept us SAFE..He lives here and goes wherever we go…Facts…

  5. We are not vaccinated and never will be,We stay home, We wear two kN95 or N95 mask everywhere….. We don’t have company over,We don’t eat at restaurants or bars..We avoid big crowds we Pray to GOD !!!! We wash hands, sanitize..we wear gloves when touching things like mail,door knobs etc.. We workout.. We take herbs and vitamins and eat healthy,We use Instacart we wash groceries down with bleach and water
    Common Sense things…

  6. My husband caught COVID last yr in January! While he we I did put up signs on our door that he was positive nd we were on isolation he had it for a whole month! His was so bad he couldn’t even get up stopped eating for 3 weeks his pain was excruciating nd while I had to monitor his oxygen levels nd his temperature every 2 hrs push fluids nd try to get him to eat I wasn’t wearing a mask gloves I did disinfect the room we were in the bed we slept in and now here we are a whole yr later nd I haven’t had COVID since it started 3yrs ago! Not once I’ve tested negative home tested all negative! Tested with him he read positive I was negative jan10 last yr tested again 5 days later on his bday Jan 15 he still was positive nd I still was negative the nurse nd dr couldn’t believe it cuz I was in close contact with him with no mask or gloves nd I never got it !

  7. Okay, I’m glad people are talking about this, but it appears they avoided saying “air filtration” and only talked about “ventilation”. Ventilation helps but we do need HEPA air purification too. Glad they’re at least bringing up masks and ventilation, but we can do better, and we can be louder.

  8. Family of 5. Super careful for the first 6 months. Kids returned to full in person in fall of 2020. and our family gradually resumed normal lives. We were all vaccinated early and have kept up with boosters, but otherwise are no longer doing anything specific to avoid Covid. None of us have tested positive for Covid we do test if we have symptoms. Are we lucky? Did we have it before tests were available prior to the lockdowns? I have we had asymptomatic cases or had Covid despite negative tests?

  9. I have not had Covid that I am aware of. I have been fully vaccinated and boosters with Moderna, and have been closely exposed 5 times – on was with my spouse, and we did nothing special to isolate. I am not rigorous in my practices to avoid exposure, but do take moderate precautions. I have self-tested numerous times and have always been negative. So, I don’t know if I am a Covid virgin or just asymptomatic. I would really like to understand if there is a DNA anomaly that gives me an additional protection.

  10. As far as I know I’m a NOVID. My vaccines are up to date and I’ve been exposed many times (including my husband and daughter who had it at different times – they isolated and we all masked).

    It’s possible that I had a very mild case when my husband had it – had a cold but never tested positive on a rapid test.

    I’m happy to have science look at me to see what can be learned

  11. I have always wondered how I avoided it. I continued to work in a factory and was around folks who had it. I always took supplements but was never vaxxed for Covid. I did however get the flu vax.

  12. I may have had it before the government was telling us about it. But I am fully paranoid and thoroughly vaxed as well as immunocompromised due to medications for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune disorders in general, i’#m not going to breed the variants! I don’t do anything and I don’t go anywhere. I am a super germaphobe and obsessive compulsive. I don’t have any friends and I don’t allow many people in my life. My circle is super small. I have strict rules and do not break them. If you know basic germ theory and wash your hands and refrain from picking your nose until you have washed your hands, prepare your own food and pick up your own panties you will do just fine. Stay home. Watch you tube videos, read books and work in your garden and shuffle the hoard.

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