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There are 12 comments on Understanding Stroke Recovery as John Fetterman’s Political Future Comes Up for a Vote

  1. As a Pennsylvanian now, I voted for Fetterman but reluctantly. Years before his stroke he was prescribed a medication for his heart. He decided not to take it. He decided that he knew better than the doctor. That sounds like a very Republican attitude.

    1. So you voted for someone who cannot presently do his job if voted in as a US Senator. His disability is not like an amputation or a fracture. He is 6 months out from his stroke now and has profound Neurological deficit’s. His 9 days in the hospital, defibrillator and thrombectomy suggests, that he did not just have a simple stroke or didn’t take his medication. He has serious heart disease and it is sad to see that the liberals push their agenda by abusing a victim of a significant stroke who cannot fulfill his duties as a US Senator.

  2. Not sure what debate you watched, but the Fetterman/Oz debate WASN’T even close .. the flash polls afterwards said Oz ‘won’ – 80/20. Fetterman couldn’t answer the simplest of questions, was often totally adrift, and once again won’t release his medical records or make the doctors available for questions.

    Simple question .. would you take a seat on a plane if your pilot presented this way .. I wouldn’t.

    I wish Fetterman the best .. but like John McCain before him – he should step away and let another candidate fight the fight at this point while he focuses instead on his own recovery

    1. I did watch it. this is not true at all. he totally answered the questions. the one he had trouble with was the one about fracking, I think explaining something subtle was harder for him. but he got to the points and made his points and saw through the smoke that Oz was putting up and called him out on his lies. the only thing that was wrong with Fetterman was he had trouble /was slower putting sentences together AT TIMES. not always. sometimes he was fast and even called out when oz was lying while Oz was still speaking. he did many times have to pause to read the transcription. but he answered questions with great detail and insight. I wish I still lived in Phila and could vote there. He will be a great senator

      1. Except his statement contradicted statements made by him before he entered into the senatorial race, as well as his record as a Mayor and as Lieutenant Governor. So was he lying then, or is he lying now? If you work in the energy business, I wouldn’t take any chances.

  3. As a Pennsylvanian, I am upset that as our current Lt. Governor, Mr. Fetterman did not take an official “leave of absence” when he suffered his stroke. Judging by the extent of the lingering effects even 5 months post stroke, it is apparent that, especially in the early months, he was not “fit” to assume the office of Governor should something have happened to our current governor. This is, at best, both irresponsible and selfish. For me this disqualifies him for the consideration of my vote.

  4. Difficulty speaking does not necessarily mean that one’s cognitive ability is impaired but inability to think critically does. Mehmet Oz in his television show has consistently advocated false “cures” such as miracle “fat bursting” diet pills; colloidal silver as a treatment for cold symptoms, wounds, viruses, and bacteria; and conversion therapy to turn gay people straight. A 2014 study in the British Medical Journal concluded that less than one third of the claims made on The Dr. Oz Show were backed by “believable” evidence. Governor Fetterman’s may have some difficulty communicating but that’s far preferably to Oz’s communication of false and dangerous claims!

      1. I think the comparison is that Oz is the one who I would not trust. He has zero experience other than that as a fraud and liar. He has never flown a plane! Fetterman has, he just injured himself while working. Fetterman could fly with someone else managing the parts he , right now, can’t do (speaking quickly ). I would rather fly with Fetterman.

  5. Fetterman is not aspiring to be a pilot. I’d feel a lot better about him being my senator than someone like Oz who espouses and spreads false beliefs.

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