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There are 11 comments on Do COVID Vaccines Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

  1. Is there any information regarding elderly women? My mother at 89 started having vaginal bleeding was checked and so far everything is normal. I was just informed her neighbor also had the same symptoms and is 79. Both women were vaccinated.

  2. So the spike proteins manufactured at the injection site are making their way and interacting with female reproductive tissues? That doesn’t sound good to me. We need to take research like this seriously, our science has become so politicized so that anything negative about the vaccines is kept quiet. How is that fair to women?

  3. 100% agree. I hope we can have more open conversations about this in the future, without the need for censorship and name calling. When we can’t even question the possible negative side effects we go from ‘science’ to propaganda, and it’s hard to have trust in a situation like that.

  4. 52 year old and healthy, no medications or underlying conditions here, and after my initial J&J vaccine in March 2021, I had heavier menses with extremely heavy clotting. This continued for at least two cycles.
    I just got my booster, Moderna, a week after my normal, now heavy clotting menses and it started back up again. Going on three days of heavy bleeding and clotting again. So all in all this month so far, I’ve been clotting and bleeding for close to 14 days. I do attribute this to the vaccine. I’d like to see a study done across all ages, as this is truly altering menstruation for some.
    Keep up the important work, and thank you!

  5. This is important material but bound to lose a lot of readers to TLDNR. The article needs a summary. For those who want all the details, they can read in its entirety. But it is a long interview, and it does not get to the findings (or lack thereof) in an efficient way. How about either getting to the main point faster and/or providing a summary?

  6. So you’re saying that you are forcing a vaccine into fertile young women without having data on fertility prior to the mandate? Admitting it has been understudied? This conversation was considered conspiracy within the last year and here we are telling women that there is an interaction they did not sign up for. This is irresponsible, and is what happens when you censor information.

  7. I was vaccinated and still got Covid. Been on birth control for about 2 years and while I was sick I got my period about 5 days early, (not supposed to happen on birth control) then had a regular period, a total of 11 days. That was October and it’s still the same. The vaccine and/or virus is effecting hormones and it’s not being spoken about.

  8. Being 78 young I had Moderna shots March, April and 3rd shot Booster in Fall 2021. This past 18th January low and behold I had bleeding in toilet and on the toilet paper. Put on a pad went to bed, no further bleeding and no pain or indication of menses. What a total shock to think I was menstruating again. While at work, discussing this with another colleague who is in her early 60s said that it happened to her as well; but, knew about the Covid study explaining the possibilities that women especially elderly women this could happen to them. See we really don’t know the truth concerning the makeup of the substance being used and it’s affects on women.

  9. I wish to thank BU for respecting my comment on my concern about the shock of resuming menses at 78. I am glad BU is willing to conduct a study so crucial to women as reproduction. Because of BU a relief came over me that I now know I’m not alone and no need to be afraid; but, to seek answers…..why? We love life and worry about our children to come. Thank you !

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