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There are 99 comments on Do COVID Vaccines Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

  1. Is there any information regarding elderly women? My mother at 89 started having vaginal bleeding was checked and so far everything is normal. I was just informed her neighbor also had the same symptoms and is 79. Both women were vaccinated.

    1. Hello after I made my second dose June of 2021 from Pfizer vaccine I had 14 days on dizziness and nausea. This symptom is coming every month since then before my circle and ends after my ovulation!!! It’s very difficult to live with this situation I went to every doctor I can to see what is going on and none of them found something !!! I am sure it’s from vaccine before that I didn’t have anything!! Also I am 35 !!! Does any one has this symptom.

      1. Got fibroid 1 yr pre vaccine. 3 days post dose 2 vaccine got massive cramping, and 2 mos later my tiny fibroid was 10 cm.
        Now presses nerves essentially disabled
        Did take care of family when they got covid and didnt get it

  2. So the spike proteins manufactured at the injection site are making their way and interacting with female reproductive tissues? That doesn’t sound good to me. We need to take research like this seriously, our science has become so politicized so that anything negative about the vaccines is kept quiet. How is that fair to women?

    1. That is a true statement and a waist of research money. Sounds like hush money to me. I know what is going on with me first hand and my daughter will never take the shot.

    2. I got my second dose of the vaccine of the
      Pzifer vaccine on April 2, 2021
      I am now 46 and my period was stop but since the vaccine, I bleed every 2 weeks and it’s driving me nuts
      I have a teenager who started hers a year ago and this makes it even worse. My periods are HEAVIER THAN THAN WERE NOW TOO AND LAST LONGER
      I have autoimmune and do take autoimmune medication
      Please make it stop! Lol

      1. Yes, me too. Prior to vaccine I was regular no issues with no medication.

        I’m 44 completely vaccinated and boosted. I bleed every two weeks. I had multiple test and ultrasound to R/O anything else. I was first told it was premenopausal but that is R/O. After my first shot I missed my period but now I”m bleeding all the time for a year. I know I’m not the only one at my doctors office with these issues. I just wish my OBGYN would be honest with me. Their dishonesty makes me not want to trust them. They have me on a BC pill trying to regulate my hormones but its not working.

    3. My menstrual cycle was regular, light bleeding, and minimal pain. After, receiving both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, it immediately affected my next menstrual cycle. My cycle was pushed back 7 days. I went from minimal bleeding, to extremely heavy bleeding. And the horrific pain, that I now deal with. I would easily say the pain, is very much like small contractions, when a woman is in labor. When I have my menses now, and every month after that shot, has been excruciating. And, there are no signs that it will ever become better. Also, my periods used to last around 5 days, now it last up to 10.

      1. I am also experiencing EXTREME pain and heavier bleeding (after the vaccine). The pain is a 9 out of 10 that actually makes me nauseous/vomit and feel like I’m going to faint. It’s literally unbearable and no OTC drug will even touch the pain to alleviate it.
        Has anyone found anything that helps??

  3. 100% agree. I hope we can have more open conversations about this in the future, without the need for censorship and name calling. When we can’t even question the possible negative side effects we go from ‘science’ to propaganda, and it’s hard to have trust in a situation like that.

  4. 52 year old and healthy, no medications or underlying conditions here, and after my initial J&J vaccine in March 2021, I had heavier menses with extremely heavy clotting. This continued for at least two cycles.
    I just got my booster, Moderna, a week after my normal, now heavy clotting menses and it started back up again. Going on three days of heavy bleeding and clotting again. So all in all this month so far, I’ve been clotting and bleeding for close to 14 days. I do attribute this to the vaccine. I’d like to see a study done across all ages, as this is truly altering menstruation for some.
    Keep up the important work, and thank you!

    1. After l got both vaccines Astra zeneca. I already suffered from heavy painful periods but oh boy this was on a different level . Extremely heavy and large blood clots. Literally having to take a change of clothes to work and having to use 2!!!!! Night time sanity towels each time during the day. So about 3 weeks ago have gotten the booster Pfizer. My breasts are absoluctly huge and heavy and sore and hot and swollen my mood is so low. I am a 32 c in a bra and my breasts cant fit into anything. Its actualky upsetting me. I am not on any hormones of any kind but feel as if l am with all the changes in my body. I was so reluctant in getting the booster because of previous menstrual problems but felt because lm un healthcare l had no choice. I cant put my body through this again this is literally like 9 months of havoc on my body

    2. I received the 2 vac Pfizer in May and June of 2021. I
      am 50 and had a severe flow after both. I have now
      had Covid 2 times in the last 90 days. I am going to get
      my booster shot as soon as I am allowed. The thing is
      after those 2 super heavy flows it must have put me into
      Menopause because I have not had my period since and I was always regular. After I get my booster shot I will let you know if I get a flow again. Lately, I have been experiencing extreme hot flashes too. Might be a coincidence due to my age. Not sure, but thought this information may be useful to someone.

      1. This is interesting to me. I had the Pfizer vaccine as well and after the 1st dose I got my period like normal only it didn’t hurt and I didn’t even feel like I had my period. After the second vaccine I am a week late and have never been late. Will post an update soon.

        1. First time seeing someone having the same issues I did. (or the same issues I started with…) This makes me happy since now I feel less alone!

          I also had the Pfizer vaccine but didn’t get anything from the first dose. From the second, on the other hand, my periods have been just living a different life than ever before. My first period after the second vaccine was just like you described: no pain and it didn’t feel like a period. Second period was more normal than the previous one, including all the bloating and pains but it was extremely heavy and a week early.

          Third period after the second vaccine felt like a pure hell to me. I had never experienced such a bad period. The evening I noticed my periods I put on a night pad as usual and went to sleep after 10pm. I woke up after 1am to an immense amount of pain in my stomach and head. I felt dizzy and couldn’t move but I had to force myself to the bathroom since it felt like I will throw up. I spent the next night crying on the bathroom floor since I had never felt so sick before. I couldn’t even imagine trying to swallow a pain killer. It was dreadful. Had I been more religious I would have prayed for a greater power to spare me.

          Now, on my fourth period, I’ve been bleeding for 14 days. The first two days I had stomach cramps as usual but there wasn’t much blood. On the third day I bled as if it had been my regular 5th day and from then on I’ve been bleeding. Or bleeding is a bad choice of words since it’s more just spotting but I still have to protect my panties. I wonder if there’s an end to this.

          All this yet I still can’t bring myself to hate the vaccine. Haven’t gotten the virus and nothing else in my life has changed – I only got a second vaccine in November. There is proof that it’s effective against the virus since vaccinated people often don’t need to go to the hospital after contracting the virus but they still don’t prevent the virus from spreading etc.

          I do feel concerned since everyone was denying the vaccines effect on periods and it was blamed on women being “hysterical” and that it’s just “psychological”. I bet there are more women out there who have not reported the irregularities in their periods since they’re scared they will be judged. Or maybe worse, they believed authorities who told them “it’s all in your head”.

  5. This is important material but bound to lose a lot of readers to TLDNR. The article needs a summary. For those who want all the details, they can read in its entirety. But it is a long interview, and it does not get to the findings (or lack thereof) in an efficient way. How about either getting to the main point faster and/or providing a summary?

    1. I am, 51 was in menopause. Blood work confirmed I shouldn’t have anymore periods, and didn’t for 8 months. Got the J&J vaccine and one day later started spotting, turning into 3 weeks of heavy clotting, and a trip to an ER. Hemoglobin dropped many points to dangerously low. After working hard on recovery, only to happen again the second and third month since…in the same fashion. I’d not been having periods and now I’m miserable with them. Life-altering for sure. I really hope we get some answers soon… for ourselves and the future.

  6. So you’re saying that you are forcing a vaccine into fertile young women without having data on fertility prior to the mandate? Admitting it has been understudied? This conversation was considered conspiracy within the last year and here we are telling women that there is an interaction they did not sign up for. This is irresponsible, and is what happens when you censor information.

    1. Thank you for saying this, much appreciated.
      The data has not been evaluated yet and they are saying there is no evidence on the negative effects of the vaccine on women and their reproductive health. Women are being gaslighted by science.

      1. I didn’t experience any issues my 1st and 2nd Pfjzer vaccine but I received the boosted two months ago and my period has been on for 3 weeks straight! My obgyn said that their are numerous women with the same issues! The bleeding subsided for a few days in between but came back so heavy with clotting 5 days in between but comes right back. I have literally no none bleeding days only light. I had to get all these blood tests and ultrasound sounds but no help. This is becoming extremely concerning for me and my husband.

  7. I was vaccinated and still got Covid. Been on birth control for about 2 years and while I was sick I got my period about 5 days early, (not supposed to happen on birth control) then had a regular period, a total of 11 days. That was October and it’s still the same. The vaccine and/or virus is effecting hormones and it’s not being spoken about.

  8. Being 78 young I had Moderna shots March, April and 3rd shot Booster in Fall 2021. This past 18th January low and behold I had bleeding in toilet and on the toilet paper. Put on a pad went to bed, no further bleeding and no pain or indication of menses. What a total shock to think I was menstruating again. While at work, discussing this with another colleague who is in her early 60s said that it happened to her as well; but, knew about the Covid study explaining the possibilities that women especially elderly women this could happen to them. See we really don’t know the truth concerning the makeup of the substance being used and it’s affects on women.

    1. Sorry. Mine was very regular too until no took the Pfizer vaccine September. It just came back three days ago. Make me feel very sick but the good thing is that it is light.

      1. AR
        FEBRUARY 5, 2022 AT 7:09 PM
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Sorry. Mine was very regular too until i took the Pfizer vaccine September. It just came back three days ago. Make me feel very sick but the good thing is that it is light.

    1. My 28 yr old daughter took the two Maderna shots last year and a booster last month. Bleeding issues and now hives from booster. I am so pissed I can’t see straight. These bastards put this poison out there without fully testing it. They hid treatments. They lied. I hope they hang them high. I am her father. I have always protected her and got her the best care. And now we have to deal with this evil. God help the people who spread this poison and lies. They censored some of the best doctors in the office world. Wake up.

  9. I wish to thank BU for respecting my comment on my concern about the shock of resuming menses at 78. I am glad BU is willing to conduct a study so crucial to women as reproduction. Because of BU a relief came over me that I now know I’m not alone and no need to be afraid; but, to seek answers…..why? We love life and worry about our children to come. Thank you !

  10. I had my periods two days before being vaccinated. After vaccination, my periods became heavy though painless. A heavy flow I mean changing a pad every after two hours

  11. I got my booster shot moderna January 15 2022 and got my period after 2 days early light like always supposed last 4 days but is already January 27 every time i go to the bathroom wipe theres blood… my co worker went through the same thing my friend call a UTI and she haven had sex..! Then i started to google if booster have side wffects on menstrual…

  12. I am 46 years old and had my first phizer shot on sept. 3 2021 that same day I started my period. I bled for my usual 7 days then when I went for second shot same thing happened and I started bleeding lasting about 9 days. Now I get my periods around the same dates every month, twice a month. I have always been on a 28 day cycle up until that vaccine. My periods are heavier, more clots and my back has been hurting like never before. I also would like to mention that I have had a tubal in 2008.

  13. This really needs to be taken more seriously with cohorts from populations worldwide. After my first Pfizer I didn’t get a period for 3 months. After that one it was 2 weeks, then 2 months followed by another 2 weeker. I’ve always been spot-on regular. Unfortunately I’m in a country that mandated vaccination, so I got the 2nd vaccination despite my hesitation. I won’t get an mRNA booster. I’d rather myself and kids get shunned than continue to be vaccinated with something that clearly isn’t quite right.

  14. I haven’t had a period for 5 year, 54 year old women gonna through menopause and the day after I got my Covid-19 booster, I had huge and engorged breasts and then 2 days later vaginal bleeding. What does this mean. I am so upset.

    1. Since having the vaccine I have literally not stopped bleeding. It’s so heavy at times I can’t leave the house. I have never had menstrual problems in my life and always had regular periods. This is ruining my life the Dr’s keep testing me and finding nothing. They won’t admit its the vaccine!

      1. Same. I received the Pfizer vaccine and haven’t stopped bleeding altogether since. I spot everyday. Before I was like clockwork, always on a 28 day cycle. Now I can’t do anything without always being prepared, because some days are more than just spotting and come with no warning. No cramping or any other symptom of my cycle, just a constant cycle of light to heavy flows.

        1. Melissa, thank you for posting! My situation is the exact same. I was like clockwork and then after the Moderna booster my periods stopped for a couple months and now I mostly spot every day. I’ve been a believer in getting the vaccine, but I’m really frustrated with what it is doing to women. I hope some studies are taking this seriously now. I won’t be getting any other boosters.

      2. Same here. I am 52 years old. Had 2 Moderna Covid shots (12/2020 and 1/2021), then Moderna booster in 10/2021. Since the booster I have not stopped bleeding (maybe 2-3 days without bleeding). The bleeding has varied from spotting to very severe bleeding with clots, but I always have to wear a pad as I never known what kind of flow I will have. Will see my MD soon to see what’s going on, but I suspect vaccine as I was regular prior to vaccine.

      3. I am relieved to read these two comments because I have had the same experience. I am 52 and got two doses of the Pfizer vaccine in July 2021. I also had Covid in January 2022. Since the first dose of the vaccine, I have had irregular cycles with almost daily spotting and watery, pink discharge. I have to wear a pad all the time just in case.

        I have had only two actual “periods.” The first, in August 2021, was ten days of flooding with very large clots; I had never had anything so severe in my life. The second was in February 2021 and was not so long and heavy, but also had large clots. I expected my cycles to be getting irregular at my age but not like this.

        My 22-year-old daughter, who always had a regular 28-day cycle, was vaccinated with Pfizer and then had Covid on the same dates as me. She had to get a booster (also Pfizer) at the end of January (less than a month after being infected) because it was required for school. Since having Covid, her periods have been every 12-14 days.

      4. I got my 2nd Pfizer shot April 2021. That’s how mine started too. Every month, then every two weeks, followed by every month, then two weeks again. Now for the last 3 months it’s been like clockwork every 2 weeks. It totally royally SUCKS

  15. I am 43. After Pfizer 2nd vaccine in October 2021 the period hasn’t come yet. My cycle has been regular for years. I am not pregnant.
    This is concerning. I had to take the vaccine as mandated at work.

    1. Golda
      Thank You for Your comment because I’ve the same problem as You, I had 2 Pfizer Vaccine&Booster Dec 2021 and I haven’t had a period since! I’m petrified it has put Me into Menopause at 48yrs old! I had heavy periods before so they don’t bother Me but now NOT having periods is concerning Me! I also started having hot flashes after booster!! It might be too late for Me but hopefully this study will help younger women! Obviously I knew there was limited info getting Vaccines out so fast but it’s brilliant Doctors are looking at causes to Women.

  16. I went for the first vaccine and I felt very sick,
    I got the second vaccine, and I had two periods in just one month,
    I would like to know if it’s normal or not please?
    Thank you

  17. I am 51. My period works like a clock, although now they are getting shorter that I am entering my pre-menopause. A month ago right when my period finished it started again a day or so later and lasted the same time as my regular period. This never happened to me before. Vaccinated with Moderna (2nd shot April 22, 2021, so it’s been a while).

  18. I was in menopause for 20 years & 3 weeks after my 2nd vaccine, I started bleeding again.
    Uterine cancer has been eliminated & almost a year later, I am still menstruating every month, and the periods are very heavy & clotty.
    I sincerely regret getting that stupid “vaccine”.

  19. I am 55, my periods stopped for 3 months, thinking I was finally entering menopause, then I received my Pfizer booster shot during the day and that evening my period has started up again, lightly for 2x days, then it went extremely heavy with clotting masses for about 14 days. I can’t remember having such extreme periods like that before. I used to have normal periods every 28 days religiously, since 14 yrs old. After reading these postings on this, I wonder how many women have gone through this? It’s a discussion, I haven’t even thought about bringing up to fellow friends.

    1. I have had two Pfizer doses and the booster. I am 45, have had very regular periods until the vaccines. Have missed periods after each injection as well as the booster. I agree, I think there is more to this.

  20. I am 50 years old 2 months after my second vaccine which was Pfizer my period stopped I assumed I was moving from perimenopause to menopause.
    Almost 6 months without menses I received the Moderna booster the following morning I am bleeding and extreme fatigue it’s been 3 days now no signs of stopping.
    I had to consider there is a link between the vaccines and hormones.
    Reading people’s comments there clearly is.

  21. My period has always lasted 3-4 days and was light to moderate flow. Following 2 Pfizer vaccines I received due to vaccine mandates, I now have a heavy flow and it is more painful. I find it very interesting that even though all studies related to impacts of covid vaccines are very new, it is still being said that people should be vaccinated. How can this be confirmed when it is preliminary and the results of the BU study are not final? Additionally, people are still reporting covid vaccines side affects to VAERS. I live with a 43 year old and a 10 year old, we all had the covid virus. We were all equally sick, except I had fever of 102.6, and they did not. The truth will be revealed one day or in 200 years. Political agendas don’t stand a chance against the mother nature and the universe.

  22. I am healthy 45 year old female, My last period was Feb 2021 then came the Almighty Covid vaccinations. I’m a nurse of 20 years so we were mandated to receive and the October 2021 had to get booster. Well 5 days later I started bleeding with massive clots. It is February 2022 and with exception of 4-5 days I’ve bled since. I’m currently on Norethindrone and Megace but still bleeding. They will never convince me the vaccinations aren’t the cause. I’ve talked to several women who had been in menopause years but now having monthly periods. I worked Covid unit unvaccinated and got Covid with no problems but told without vaccine and booster I’d lose my job. Now I go to work making countless trips to bathroom just to make sure I’m not bleeding out or throwing clots. I’m more than upset because life before the vaccine was great now I feel I can’t live because of fear of bleeding.

    1. Me too. I went from periods that have heavy to medium bleeding for around five days, to now even on my first two days I can wear a pad for >12 hours and it still doesn’t get fully used up. Days 3-4 are just spotting, then that’s it. I’m a 27yo who wants to have kids, and am extremely worried too.
      [Double Pfizer in mid- 2021, and got myocarditis from both of the first two too]

    2. I just made my comment on here, but im 31 & my cycle completely stopped after getting the 2nd Moderna vaccine. I haven’t had one on my own since April 2021… My OBGYN has had to start prescribing me Medroxyprogesterone every 3 months to force a cycle to start, because not having on can quick start ovarian cancer. She got back to me about the study “finding nothing” but we still aren’t sure… there is literally nothing else wrong with me other than obesity & the blood disorder I mentioned in my comment below. You are not alone in this. This has been the scariest time of my life.

    3. I’m 32, received my 1st Pfizer vaccine in June 2021, my 2nd Pfizer vax in July 2021, and was boosted with Moderna one week before my last period in January 2022.
      My periods have always been relatively heavy for the first 2-3 days then lighter for 3-4 days, lasting 5-7 days. My last period was only 3 days long and very light. This month I am now 5 days late.. I believe the Moderna booster may be the cause of my changing period.

      1. I had perfect 28 day cycles with cramps, regular flow, used a “regular” tampon overnight. Right after the vaccine 2 years ago (May 2021) it changed to anything from 21 days to 30 days, extremely heavy flow, huge clots I’d never seen before, bleeding through a combo of a super tampon and overnight pad within 1-3 hrs. The worst part, extreme cramps that pain killers don’t touch, crying through the night with the pain. This has continued (now August 2023), I’m currently lying in bed in pain, researching the issue online and found this article. Reading all these comments, how can any doctor or researcher say there is no proof the vaccine has caused servere problems for women. How can they say this doesn’t affect fertility. Right now this is the biggest cover up of all. It’s absolutely criminal, and it’s barely being talked about. Oh but “research” shows it’s not much of an issue, periods might change briefly for a month or two, be a day or two shorter cycle, nothing to worry about. Wrong.

  23. I’m looking for others having issues. I had Pfizer vaccines in April and May 2021..i got the moderna booster beginning of December. Ever since I have the worst menstrual cramps, where I’m awoken in the middle of the night. I’ve always been regular with little to no cramps my entire life. Now I’m getting a period every 2/12 to 3 weeks. I’m getting ready to start my 4th period in two months. 47 years old.

  24. I really want to get in contact with Lauren Wise to talk to her personally about my side effects… I had every single side effect from both jabs & the booster other than Seizures & my menstruation completely halted After the 2nd Moderna Shot in April 2021… I am 31 years old & have not had a cycle since then. But I have Factor V Leiden as well.. I want to know how many of the women they tracked had similar blood disorders. I know women with PCOS were shown to have more serious side effects to the vaccine, but even those didn’t last this long. This has been the scariest time of my life. Even my OBGYN has no idea what is going on & can only prescribe me medicine to force a cycle.

  25. I am 40 on my 3 dose i feel horrible i need to go see doctor i bleed 16 days before my period and bleed 7 days hard at the end.I am always dizzy do not want to have sex.I was healthy before taking this dangerous crap.Be safe guys.

  26. 42 year old, two doses of Pfizer, last year February and April, September-heavy bleeding with clotting for almost 40 days, I had a polyp, they got rid of it, 2 moths later cyst ruptured causing bacterial infection with the visit in the hospital, also with very heavy bleeding, I lost lots of blood, was near the transfusion, but avoided it loading myself more natural way with beet juice; got booster vaccine in the beginning of December and since then I have not seen period for 3 months now.

    Is there a place where apart from here you can report the issues, seems like many women are having problems.

    Also my hormone levels in November were normal, 2 weeks later so completely strange that it indicated menopause

  27. 40/yo. Had first Pfizer in June then no period for a month fast forward to January 28, 2022, got Moderna booster then got my period February 4th for two days longer than usual.Today February 20th I started bleeding again last night February 19, 2022. Period has ALWAYS been regular until now they need to start addressing its complaints from women !

  28. There needs to be more awareness about this! Ever since I got the Pfizer vaccine my period is a mess! I had no period at all a couple months but the rest have been heavy on another level and last an entire month! Finally went to doctor and got an ultrasound and I’m developing fibroids and have a cyst. I have never had menstrual issues ever and I’m 43. I regret ever getting vaccinated!

  29. Trying to conceive baby number 2 and it took 4 months for my cycle to regulate, bled for 2 weeks straight in the beginning and then nothing up until a month ago. Now I have to get a booster in 2 weeks for work (thanks Gov Murphy) and I only had 1 month to even try to get pregnant since September! I hope the booster does not have the same effect, would love to see some research on this and actually see doctors acknowledge the issue instead of the same lame comment “there is no evidence that the shot effects fertility.” I’m the damn evidence.

  30. Was in menopause, had 2 Pfizer shots started menstruating. Had booster now have continuous bleeding 5 day ‘periods’ every 5-10 days with discomfort. GYN believes I suddenly developed uterine cancer & requested ultrasound & biopsy.

  31. 48 and always been regular. First period after the booster was unusually heavy and went on for 14 days, had a break for 10 days then another period for 10 days. Been missing periods for 3 months now.

  32. I had my 2nd shot of Moderna in July 21 and bled with a normal periods right after, but this was annexed by a second period in the same month which went on for 10 days before I landed up in the hospital due haemorraging. i had massive clotting and heavy bleeding which i said had me admitted in the hospital and I had to be given blood transfusion as I was bleeding to death.
    Despite getting meds+inejctions to stop the bleeding, i remember bleeding for 1.5 months on a continous basis with clotting and all.
    I have been on hormone pills ever since to not bleed so that my haemoglobin can stabilise for some time.
    I have had covid 2 times ever since and everytime i had covid i had bleeding, which was unsual since I am on hormone pills and am not supposed to bleed. This bleeding stops after my virus load drops. I dont know if anyone of you faced this. I would like to know if anyone of you bled when you had covid.
    I reported this to all the forums which were collecting data for their studies, but i haven’t received any thing as a feedback from them.
    I am scared of bleeding and hence i cant get myself off the hormone pills. Any advise?

  33. First dose of Pfizer extended my period from 3-5 days to 15 days followed by continuous spotting and clots. Second dose was on first day of heavy period and went for 13 days followed by six days of spotting, then super heavy flow again. I feel terrible from it. Breast tenderness, fatigue, headache,.

  34. This is REAL. You could set a clock by my cycle before the vaccine. One day spotting one day medium flow one day spotting. Boom cycle done. That was Pre vax. Post vax bleeding for weeks WEEKS… it’s late, it’s early, it lasts and lasts for weeks. Same thing happening with my daughter. I actually went to the hospital for this because I was obviously concerned and the radiologist that did my trans vag ultrasound said she is seeing this over and over, I’m not the tenth twentieth or thirtieth woman she’s seen it’s big. An ER nurse said the same thing was happening to her, a different nurse (same visit) agreed yes this a thing, a nurse I workout with, my best friend who is a nurse, other women in general not just ones in the medical field, they are seeing this and experiencing this talking about this. Yes menstruation needs to be talked about. Half the planet deals with it monthly. And no just because you say it doesn’t cause infertility it’s ok, it’s not. The doctor, a man said I know it’s is little annoying but it isn’t affecting your daily life. Ummm yes sir it actually does affect daily life and sexual life and it generally just sucks to bleed for weeks. If men bled from their penises for weeks this would be a much bigger conversation.

  35. i am double vaxxed with Pfizer and can absolutely say my periods have been the periods from hell. They have NEVER been like this, I’m heartbroken for me and my fellow uterus havers. Imagine women being considered in medical studies! Pathetic…

  36. Hi ladies & gents :-)
    I am currently 34 I have always had Normal periods, in may “21” I had my first Moderna vaccine and have not had a period since, whilst you may think this is great it has caused me other issues ie night sweats/hot flushes ( which are horrendous)
    I have been to the docs and they tell me I’m in premature menopause, this is never happened to any member of my family before and my periods were normal the month before the jab I went on to have my 2nd jab and still nothing. I’ve decided I’m not having booster, and my kids will not be having these jabs either.
    Is there anyone out there who is having this issues as me.
    I have been referred to the gynaecologist 3 months ago and still no appointment I’m getting worried this may be something serious.

  37. It really painful and heartbreaking, mine was a month and some days late after taking the first shot. I got really depressed.
    Please we all should pray very hard and constantly take folic acid once daily. It really worked for me
    Am sure we will survive this.

  38. There is evidence of reproductive problems – and it comes from a recently published trial (of 42k) from Pfizer themselves. It’s scary how many miscarriages the pregnant women happened to have during the study post vax. Of course this was only made public after a judge’s court order but the side effects went on for 9 pages and not point form. So if you’re experiencing issues, you’re not crazy.

  39. Hi everyone, After reading all of these comments I’m glad that I’m not the only one going through these issues I’ve had irregular periods when I was in high school but got on-top of it all I am now 29 and for the past 2 years they have been spot on ! But ever since I’ve had both of the jabs I’ve noticed a dramatic change !!
    My periods have become extremely heavy with sharp pains and really bad back pain, some days it’s a constant heavy flow with very large clots then some days it would be light with clots !! I’ve been to the dr’s as I was concerned because I was bleeding for just about over a month and I was just told that it could be stress related or weight related! But I feel as if there is something more and I am really concerned that it’s going to cause issues with fertility ! And that breaks my heart because I definitely would love to have children in the future!.
    I stopped bleeding for about 2 days then my period started again it’s been about 3 weeks of constant bleeding with very large clots and there is no signs of my flow lightening! I’m very fatigue and emotional about what is happening to my body knowing I have no control over what is happening to my body !! I’m really regretting getting the 2 covid shots as I feel it has ruined my life !!!

    Something needs to be done to help every woman going through this !!

    1. I am 40, after my first covid vaccine I started to get anxiety and noticed my mens cycle was different. My ObGyn ordered blood work and it showed I was premenopausal. That was 10/2021. I recently got bloodwork done again because the person I was dating wanted to have children. What a surprise, I am now going through menopause. I am convinced it was the covid vaccine and will fight to prove this.

  40. Wow! Too bad I didn’t find this page before. I’m in late 30s, got my 1st shot right after my period ended and somehow I had half day period on my ovulation day. I then got my 2nd shot in May 2021 because I didn’t think I should pass regardless. I never experienced very painful menstrual cramp since the first time I got my period until I got the 2nd shot. I’m a mom, and the pain was about 50% of the labor pain I had. I didn’t experience the cramp on the month after because I took Tylenol for prevention. However, there were couple other months where I didn’t take Tylenol at all and the pain was present. After 6 months when I got my booster reminder, I decided to not get it, and somehow it seems the cramp is no longer back (maybe flushed out after 6 months). I still decided to get pelvic ultrasound in case something has gone awry in my uterus and ovaries (this is being followed up right now). In January 2022, I tested positive with Covid (feeling sick but not so bad) and call me weird but I was glad I caught Covid so that was more of the reason to not get the booster. I hope more research and in-depth study is done for this. I hope all of you who have worse effects will feel better and be justified for these clearly existing severe side effects.

  41. I was vaccinated in September and I haven’t had my period since. 7 months without a period. I’m mostly worried about my 5 year old, I didn’t want her vaccinated simply because it’s new and kids are low risk with COVID, but my husband pressured me and I stupidly caved. If this has affected her future fertility I will never forgive myself. I’m furious that this became so politicized and that the government and schools pressured parents into giving their kids an unnecessary and possibly harmful vaccine.

  42. I have had both Pfizer vaccinations. After first one i felt fine but after the second one i got my period soon after and have been spotting ever since! Its been about 2 months since i got my second shot and about 6 weeks of continuously spotting…

    1. Before I got the vaccine my periods were pretty regular. I was able to track when they would happen to almost the exact day and they all lasted for about 5 days. Right after I got the vaccine my period came way earlier than it was supposed to and ended up lasting for about 2 weeks with way heavier bleeding than usual. My cramps were also way worse. Since then I have not been able to track my period since it happens at completely random times and for different lengths of times.

  43. I got a Pfizer booster shot because it is a requirement to work. I got the booster shot on 04/05/2022. I have been bleeding since then, even when my last period was a week before the booster shot.

  44. I am 37 years old. I have had normal (28 to 30 day cycles) for several years. I have been taking progesterone for several years due to symptoms related to estrogen dominance. The progesterone has been extremely helpful in not only helping my symptoms but also regulating my periods. After getting the 2nd Moderna vaccine, my cycle has been all over the place — nearly bleeding every two weeks. I’m also having more of my estrogen-dominance symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and cramps. This has been going on almost a year.

  45. I am 42 years old. And I had a normal cycle since I stared at the age of 15, on February 5,2022 I got my 1st Moderna Vaccine and the 2nd dose was on February 21,2022 after that my cycle has been horrible. Bleeding in-between periods, dryness during intercorce ect.

  46. My periods have been all over the place since the second pfizer shot… I had 3 months without a period then a 10 days heavy bleeding and since then my periods are super heavy and completely irregular, I’m worried about getting pregnant again… I refused the booster shot for that reason.

  47. I have had issues with my cycle since I got the vax – irregular periods, early periods, bleeding between periods, heavy flow, awful cramps… just like so many others. This can’t all be one big coincidence.

  48. So it’s a year later from myself and my daughter’s vaccines. We are having irregular periods. Late, early, heavy, light, long and shortened periods. My daughter even missed 2 months straight of no period. I refuse to get anymore COVID-19 vaccines for my family.

  49. I am one of many women struggling with post-covid vaccine symptoms and wish there was a way for us all to report it. I’m 39 and recently got diagnosed with ovarian cysts, which I get monthly before my cycle and which started 1-2 months after getting the vaccine. I’ve never had a problem with ovarian cysts or endometriosis in my entire life. The pain, bloating, and cramping that I have to deal with monthly is terrible. I hope there will be studies done on how to treat this issue, other than hormonal birth control which I am not willing to take.

    My partner’s cycle has also changed to heavier bleeding, longer periods and worse cramping. Her breasts got extremely painful and engorged the morning after each dose of pfizer covid vaccine, and lasted a few days. Ever since then, she gets monthly breast pain and extreme nipple swelling (not the usual pms type breast sensitivity, but terrible pain and almost disfiguring type swelling that makes it hard for her to sleep or wear a bra), and that lasts up to a week before her cycle starts.

    What can we do??

  50. Since my 46 year old wife received the Pfizer COVID vaccine and booster in March of 2021 last year, she has gotten her period twice every month. It began about a month after receiving the vaccines, but like clockwork, she now gets her monthly period every 16 days, and has for over a year now.

  51. It’s been 6 months since my Moderna booster. Not only have I had uncontrolled cycles January till April I now have extremely high blood pressure. I left a comment here about my cycles and noy this blood pressure thing. I had a complete physical in October. Booster in November. By January everything changed. I truly wish someone was listening to us.

  52. I am 74 years old. My last period was in 1997. I had Covid in March 2020, received the Pfizer vaccine in Feb and in March 2021, and the boosters in Oct 2021 and in April 2022. I had a bad reaction for 48 hours after the first vaccine and a bad reaction after the first booster. I have Covid mouth and tongue. I believe I am a long-hauler. I began having pelvic cramps a few days ago and thought I had a UTI but the culture and urinalysis were negative. I started to bleed a brownish light flow so I went to the ER on Sat night. The hospital did blood work, a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis, and a transvaginal ultrasound. All were normal. The cramps intensified over the weekend and by this morning it seemed that my periods were back with the horrific cramps which I had since I started menstruating at age 12. My gynecologist did a biopsy of the endometrial lining today. The results are not available yet. I asked my doctor whether the Covid vaccines could have caused this and he said that he has no idea. He recommends a hysterectomy as the only way to prevent the bleeding from happening again. The cramps and bleeding haven’t stopped yet. I am not at all eager to have a hysterectomy but, at this point in my life, I can’t live with menstrual cramps and bleeding in addition to all of my other medical issues. I think that getting the second booster may have been a error in judgment.

  53. Wow what a relief to find this page. I am 44, got my Moderna booster December 2021. My menstrual cycle was the most perfect, predictable cycle for my entire life. I always chart it. I was ALWAYS at 28 days. After the booster, I was shocked when I got my period on day 24, then day 22, then 25, etc. with in between bleeding (I’ve NEVER had that). I’m going on a year and my cycle is still totally disrupted, I haven’t got back up to a 28 day cycle the entire year. I also had a terrible side-effect immediately from the booster where all of the lymph nodes engorged through my arm and breast on the side of the body where I got my shot. I spent the month in a great deal of pain; however this side effect was listed in their literature.

  54. How do I become part of the study? I have been trying to conceive for over a year with no luck. I got my period 3 times the very same month I got my first vaccination and have continued to get it 2-3 times per month most months. Just to clarify I’m not referring to spotting I’m talking a very disturbing amount of blood with massive clumps. In between all this bleeding I also had spotting. Prior to the vaccination my periods would only last about 4 days and I was never heavy and only experienced pain the very first day. I considered myself lucky. Now the pain is unbearable. I’m also experiencing brain fog and extreme fatigue. I never made the connection until several months after when I heard a rumour about other women having changes with their cycles. I’ve always been terrible at keeping track of the exact dates of my period however luckily because I was trying to get pregnant I had been using an app to keep track of everything. I was blown away when I realized the exact month I got my first vaccination was the very same month I got my period 3 times. There’s no was that was just a coincidence. I definitely want to do what I can to protect myself from Covid but if I could go back in time I would have definitely chosen not to get the vaccination. To all of the people that were so firmly against getting the vaccine and very annoyingly vocal about their opinions, I now admire your strength on not following the heard.

  55. Super frustrated with the side effects. I took 3 Pfizer doses. The first 2 doses was fine (besides bad muscle pain and fever) the 3rd dose was a nightmare. Took it around late August and my period changed from 5-6 days to almost 7-8 days. My 4/5 days becomes heavy. Lots of blood and with blood clot even on the 5th day.

  56. My period was really affected by the shot. I got the shot when my period when suppose to start and my period never started. My period is still being affected since I got the shot. I have never had painful periods, but the next montb when my period started and the entire time I was having it and every period since has been beyond painful.

  57. I am 37 turned 37 on November 27th 2022, started menstruating from January 20th 2023, got a Pfizer booster shot on 27th January 2023 and my period lasted for 20 days convex plateauing in the middle but lasted rather long.

    By my pelvic ultrasound I have a bulky uterus.

  58. After having menopause twenty years ago, I suddenly had a period after my 5th Covid booster. How long should I expect to have this? I am a fan of vaccinations but this side effect sucks. My first three shots were Pfizer, the last two were Moderna. I definitely think this side effect should be researched and information given to all women.

  59. I got my covid booster, which was required for an externship for school, I had no plans to get otherwise. Since the booster this is my 5th period I’ve had in about maybe a month in a half. Although, I don’t know if it’s related but stared about the same time, I’ve had excruciating throbbing hip pain that wakes me at night.

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