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There are 6 comments on POV: Before You Decide to Keep Up with the Kardashians, Consider This

  1. I have been watching the Kardashians since I was fourteen years old and if i’m being honest, at that age I knew how it was scripted and never fell into their traps of making something seem like it actually is not. Due to being a “realist” with no space for a world of make believe, I was able to set myself apart from my teenage peers who fell into the traps of the Kardashian lifestyle by constantly comparing themselves and changing their views to whatever the latest trends the Kardashians have started. Many people dismiss talking about the impact this show has on our youth simply because it is a reality show. However, it has a lasting impact – when Kanye ran for president and made problematic comments, our youth started following his beliefs and chanting the slogan “Kanye for President 2020”. Now, with the recent Balenciaga campaign that insinuated child exploitation there was public outrage. Kim Kardashian however took a neutral stance to what happened and many believe it is because Balenciaga has shares in her brand Skims. The public are not happy with her comments and are actually fighting back. Perhaps the youth are finally waking up to this make belief reality the Kardashians have created.

  2. I’m proud to say I haven’t seen a single episode of any iteration of any show put on but the over-exposed K/J family. Up until Kim’s sex tape scandal, the only Kardashian I’d ever heard of was Robert, one of OJ’s lawyers. After the so-called “scandal” then it was Kim, Kim, Kim in all the gossip “news” and somehow that turned into a billion dollar business empire.

    How? I don’t know.
    Why? I have no clue.

    As the author stated, this so-called “reality” show is anything but, and is actually dangerous for those susceptible to these “influencers”.

    Does Professor Coduto have links to the 2 specific genetic testing videos she references in the article? I’d love to see this example of lost knowledge.

  3. Like “Not a Fan…” above, I would also like to see the genetic testing videos. I’m not a fan of the K/Js, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they were actually propagating misinformation, despite my knowledge that all reality shows are heavily edited. This adds to my already-deep distaste for them.

    I recently contacted Shutterfly to tell them that I’m no longer ordering from them, after they partnered with Kris Jenner for their holiday promotions, under the guise that she is a great mom. Of all the truly great moms out there, they chose her? I choose not to patronize a company that would make that decision. I choose not to further line her greedy pockets by buying from Shutterfly.

  4. Hello Professor,
    I’m wondering if there was more research done on other reality shows like The Housewives of …. , I personally don’t watch the Kardashian but feel the because they are a specific case of regular people who became famous , so people have more tendency to relate to them. Thanks for the interesting article.

  5. One has to be braindead to watch them. Their preoccupation with themselves and their bodies should have been enough of a red flag for any healthy-minded viewer. Yet…their show seems to be indistractable, which only testifies to the degree of our siciety’s brainless state.

  6. People indeed like to follow those celebrities like Kim Kardashians, believe in the things they’ve said and incorporating those things into their own life.
    However, just as what the author says, celebrities are also human like the rest of us, and they are not always correct in what they are advocating for. So it’s really important to hold a critical mindset towards what the celebrities said and what they’re advocating for.

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