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There are 14 comments on Seven Tips for Managing Homesickness

  1. My name is Sayaka. I am studying at CELOP remote. I have never had an opportunity to stay in foreign countries for long terms. However, I had my experience. When I was a freshman, I lived alone in Tokyo to commute to my university and at first, I felt lonely and homesick. However, since I started to work at a Japanese-style pub as a part-time job and I belonged to the flamenco club, I felt connected with others and satisfied with my university life. After finishing CELOP, I plan to study at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. If I struggle with homesickness, I would like to belong to some communities and make a lot of friends. In addition, I will send pictures back and forth with my family and friends.

  2. My name is Miranda Oliva, I am from Mexico and currently i´m studying remotly at Boston university Celop program. The first month i was in Boston and i was living alone, honestly it was a little hard but the thing that most helped me, were never loosing touch with my family in Mexico and also keeping me busy. I loved going for walks, going coffee, hanging out with friends in other universities, basically making things that make me happy and distracted.

  3. My name is Claudio. I’m a Celop student. I come from Chile. I’m very happy to be in Boston, I love this city!! I haven’t felt homesickness so far. In my opinion, the best advice for homesickness is stay connected (often) with your family and friends. Also is good to involve and participate in different events, for example join in a BU club.

  4. My name is Majeed, and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I’ve been studying at CELOP in-person since summer semester. Even though I didn’t feel homesick in Boston, sometimes I felt lonely, and as a solution for that, I keep trying new things around BU and Boston. Also, I get to know new friends in my classes or even in some events I went to.

  5. Hello, my name is Daniela and I’m from Venezuela. I’ve have been studying English in Celop since last September. The most helpful tip for me is to talk constantly with my family because I can see them on camera and to talk about my new life in Boston. Its feels good to be in touch all the time. Also, I have other tip that maybe can be helpful for other people. I try to be busy all day. I go to school, do my homework, go to the gym, go outside, try food from different cultures, watch series, etc. The more activities that you do that you like you will feel like at home.

  6. I’m Naoto Ouchi and from Japan. I’m studying I CELOP as a study abroad program of my Japanese university.
    I think the tip “Make Boston feel more like home” is the best advice for me because I sometimes have difficulty toward foods in the U.S. The foods and taste are different from my country’s ones and hard to adapt them. But I found a lot of Japanese and Asian restaurant that are serving familiar foods for me, and I felt much more comfortable. This is the important things to find familiar things when we go to the new place.
    Also, playing some sports have good effect when we feel homesick because we don’t need to talk too much, and we can fresh our mind at the same time. It’s easy to forget about negative or bad things that you face.

  7. Hello, my name is Mashael. I’m from Saudi Arabia. I’ve been studying at CELOP since March.
    I liked this article and I find it useful for international students who left their country to get the best education and to have different experiences. I’ve had this feeling before and I think the best way to get out of it is to contact your family and friends and spend some time with them. In my opinion, face time or zoom is the best way to contact them to get that feeling that you’re almost with them.
    Also, making new friends is a good way to distract yourself by hanging out with them and having fun.
    Thank you for these tips, It’s really helpful.

  8. My name is Tomoko. I’m from Japan and studying at CELOP now.
    Thank you so much for sharing the tips to ease homesickness. All advice is helpful. Especially, I like the second tip because when I talk to my family, I always feel happy. In addition, it is important to accept that homesickness is normal and temporary because if we get used to the new life, we don’t feel homesickness. If my friends struggle with homesickness, I would like to share these tips with them.
    Fortunately, I don’t feel homesick now because I live in Boston with my family. However, I got homesick a little when it was my first time living alone in Tokyo. Then I tried to stay busy, study hard and make friends. It worked for me. Also, going to famous sightseeing spots or popular restaurants with friends is helpful because we can love the new city and forget loneliness.

  9. My name is Magali and I’m from Argentina. Currently, I’m studying at CELOP for a semester. I didn’t feel homesick so far. However, in my opinion one of the most important things to avoid homesickness is to talk with your family or friends frequently. Keep in touch with them as much as you can. Besides, try to do different activities to stay busy during the day. There are so many things to do such as join a club, university events, study with your peers, go to the gym, etc. Finally, people have to know that homesickness is normal and also temporary. 

  10. Hi! I’m Lidia García, I’m from Chile and I’m a part-time student at CELOP, BU. The best advice for me is to stay in contact with my family, like doing a video call, so we can talk about the things that we doing during the day and we can be in contact. Also, another tip that makes me feel at home is to cook typical home food because United States’ food is more different than in my country and I prefer Chilean food. However, I love Boston and the University of Boston because there are a lot of activities to do and I always try to do different and new things and these make me feel excited all the time so I don’t feel homesick.

  11. Hello, my name is Eddie Velasquez and I come from Bogota, Colombia. I´m studying English in BU CELOP and I was transferred from Kaplan International here in Boston. I am a businessman and tech entrepreneur and I moved to Boston last July 6th. Since this first day I has been many happy but getting away from my family and being alone here has been a great challenge for me.
    I have very clear personal goals that I hope to achieve very soon and thanks to my teachers and classmates, the loneliness and sadness have been fading. The key has been to always relate to my family through video calls and always have a plan to go out to see new places, especially on weekends with travel friends.
    The food is different from that of my country and the change has also been strong, however I have identified several places where they sell Colombian food and I also enjoy the local delicacies in Haymarket and places of sea food, Japanese, Turkish as other countries.
    The successful is to enjoy life every instant, play sports, share with friends to stay active, happy and enjoy this pleasant experience in Boston.

  12. My name is Fabiana. I’m from Venezuela. I’m studying in CELOP to learn English until December, later I will come back to my country again. I’ve been homesick before when I moved to Spain in 2015 and now, here in Boston, it has been a little complicated. I think that to avoid homesickness you have to go out frequently, meet with friends and try to know new people. Also, you can keep in touch with your family so don’t miss them a lot.

    These tips are so useful for us. Thank you, BU!

  13. Hello, I’m Jomana Ali, I’m a Kuwaiti student at CELOP
    The reason I’ve chosen CELOP is that I’ve always been interested in Boston because my father used to visit Boston every year therefore I felt that Boston would be the great choice. I actually have been feeling homesick because I live on my own, I don’t participate in many activities and I feel a bit lonely most of the time but I’m getting used to it. Calling my family members have made it way better… to get over homesickness you need to participate in BU’s activities and connect with people you feel close to.

  14. Hello, I’m Jomana Ali. I’m a Kuwaiti student at CELOP, the reason I’ve chosen CELOP was because I’ve always been interested in Boston because my father used to visit Boston every year and I felt it would be a great choice to live in Boston wether it’s a short period of time or not. Boston university offers a good English program for international students. I’ve been feeling homesick lately but there are ways to get over the feeling such as participating in BU’s activities and being connected to your family members, I would’ve felt very lonely if I hadn’t talked to my family members. being friends with people you feel close to would also help you to get over homesickness.

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