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    Hannah Schweitzer (COM’21) is a member of COM’s AdLab and the project manager and strategist for the F*ck It Won’t Cut It campaign; she can be reached at hschweit@bu.edu. Profile

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There are 6 comments on POV: Why F*ck It Won’t Cut It Is So Much More Than the F-Word

  1. I am constantly amazed and impressed by the individuals we classify as GenZ. They are exactly as described in this article: authentic, culturally aware, active, generous, caring, with concern for social justice, the environment and the larger world we live within, Yes, this campaign uses raw language that some may find offensive; but, it carries a message of caring for the whole community and how individual actions affect that community that none should find offensive. Great job!

  2. I realized that this is kinda a love letter to Generation Z. I am old, and 2020 has aged me even more, but I believe in this generation. I have seen so many positives – kindness, creativity, decency, civil debates, civil protests, community engagement, a desire to move forward with a purpose for the benefit of all people. Actually demanding that we hold to the principles of our Constitution, like Amendment 13 section 2, perhaps? I know, weird that an old person is saying this. But I’ll say it, “These kids today… are really cool!”. Please continue to protect each other with masks, and show your faculty and staff mentors that you appreciate their efforts by putting your best face/foot/whatever forward to make the world a better, more innovative, kinder, more creative, more just place. Please do something that I didn’t do until I was 24, which is, please vote. Vote everywhere you can, local elections, BU surveys, big grand elections, wherever. Please use data and research in your decisions instead of holding to traditions (but we’ve always done thing this way!!!) because they are safe, and please understand that you can be wrong from time to time and admitting it and making changes is healthy. Please understand that a generation will always have jerks in it, and you are not defined by the outliers who seem to ruin so much. Also, please continue swearing – it seems to really annoy the people I personally like seeing annoyed. But don’t do things for me, continue to do them for each other and the betterment of all. Much Love from the Whatever Generation.

  3. I love the previous post from the Whatever Generation. I have 2 GenZ daughters and I agree that this generation is amazing! Not only do they strive to learn and ask questions in order to make an informed decision, they follow through and stand by their principles. They have taught myself, my husband and my 78 year old mother so much about how we look at things and why. And they have not judged us for it but have shown us how it could be looked at from different perspectives. I am a better person because of the lessons I have learned from them. And I promise, there are so many more people just like us out there wanting to learn and understand and change, for the good of all!
    GenZ, keep doing what you are doing! If you have to come to the forefront using words that are not always looked at in a positive light, so be it. Once the attention is caught you can do what you do best, teach us, listen to us and show the world how blessed we are to have you leading the way! And as ALWAYS VOTE, use your voice to be heard, and keep asking questions! We need you and we trust you to make this world a kinder place.

  4. “Let’s give a sneak preview of how a Gen Z–led world will look.”

    Reading that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Since I am getting a bit long in the tooth the notion of a world led by a gaggle of Woke Gen-Z-ers usually makes me want to cry. The knowledge that my children will have to suffer through the foolishness this generation of entitled, socially aware, naval gazing, intrusive, dictatorial, common scolds mired in their various politically correct orthodoxies will inflict upon them keeps me awake at night. Then again, since I am getting old I can smile and dwell in the memories of a time when we could live with a shred of personal freedom and take comfort in the fact that I at least may not live long enough to see the worst that our lovely new woke culture will inflict upon humanity.

  5. I am a big fan of Gen Z. I believe they have the values to change our country and the world. Please don’t get tainted with the climb to build a life and family, ergo earn money. Yes, you have to earn a good living but your idealism is remarkable and needed for the changes we need. I am a boomer and I remember when we were activists and idealists and look at what happened to us (many of us, not all). Please keep your values, we need them desperately.

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