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There are 34 comments on University Outlines COVID-19 Recovery Plan

  1. Could you please clarify what “ in which case summer 2021 academics would replace those now planned for fall 2020” means? I’m a student and I’m not quite sure I understand what that means.

  2. Does this mean that there is no possibility for remote learning again for the fall semester instead?
    I feel like me and many others would rather do that than have to graduate a semester late.

  3. I really hope that the summer 2020 course continues in place of the fall semester. It only makes sense instead of canceling those who had summer class and continues the learning. Im happy about this.

  4. All students are taking online courses, which seems to be accommodating to varying time zones. After much stress of what is an academic school year, I don’t believe students should be deprived of a summer break.

  5. I had a similar question. Does this mean that students will be expected to attend classes from January to December 2021?

    Does this mean that you’ll consider fall 2020 classes optional (just like summer classes, and vacation period for international students)?

    Honestly I would rather take classes online than waste half a year disconnected from academia (summer 2020- January 2021). Classes are honestly helping me get through this quarantine period.

  6. The plan for reopening is not clear. There is more question than answers. BU leadership is indecisive again. What will be the impact on student, faculty and staff?

    1. Konrad – I don’t think it is fair to call the university indecisive. They are putting together a well-structured plan to develop clear answers. It is too early to tell, without having done the analysis, what will make sense for the fall. This is telling you that they don’t know yet, but have a solid plan to get to answers. Having been decisive about the summer – when other institutions are still playing “wait and see” – enables BU to have time to make a good plan for the fall.

    2. I agree. BU was very hesitating to decide anything at the starting of this pandemic impact. Nothing was clear for faculty and staff. Last minute order, panic, and lack of preparedness became a routine procedure for the leadership at every level. That really needs to improve when reopening.

  7. I agree with “I”. I am a Professor and to my surprise on-line classes are remarkably effective as a teaching/learning environment.
    Classroom courses and mentoring could continue on-line for the Fall 2020 term.

    1. I agree. For many programs, yes. Increasing online teaching for fall courses could free campus space for social distancing needs if that becomes necessary.

      Not all courses translate to remote teaching, but for the sake of those that do not, perhaps those that do Should move online.

      That is… if it comes to that.

  8. I would have assumed a delayed opening referred to the physical re-opening of the campus to all our students, and that until then we could continue to operate remotely in the Fall if necessary, as we are doing now. But am I mistaken? Why would we waste the Fall?

  9. Could you please clarify what “ in which case summer 2021 academics would replace those now planned for fall 2020” means?

    I’m an international student yet to begin classes in Fall September 2020. Does the abovementioned statement means the Fall students who are yet to start lectures wouldn’t be able to have in-person classes until January or summer 2021?

    I’m just thinking aloud that, isn’t it possible to those who are yet to start lectures in Fall be enrol into online classes. Even though there are time difference. It may be effective for now until in-person classes in 2021.

    Regarding, visa restrictions under U.S. immigration laws reforms. Do you’ve any ideas whether or not it will affect international students (Ghanaian) from Ghana?

    If it does affect them, what are the measures BU is or has put in place to help students have access to STUDY VISA on time for January or summer 2021 classes?

  10. I think delaying the fall semester is actually a thoughtful plan that would benefit the BU student body as a whole.

    I’m part of the incoming graduate student class who was scheduled to start for fall 2020. My curriculum consists of doing lab rotations the first year along with a rigorous set of foundational classes. I would not be able to fulfill those requirements if given a diluted version through online courses. I also do not live in Boston.

    I believe delaying the semester would give incoming BU students, international, non-Boston locals & everyone at BU ample time to readjust and prepare to move/begin their course load on the right foot. There are many underprivileged communities whom are experiencing very harsh financial & health conditions that might take time to ameliorate.

    I feel like all of these conditions are much more daunting than having to graduate a semester late or having some adjustments being done to the academic calendar.

    1. They’re setting up contingency plans for every imaginable situation. I would like to think your program will have the capability to adjust to what works for the incoming class.

      For now, I am hoping the Univ will reopen as expected in the Fall.

  11. I am the parent of incoming fresh man in the fall. My son is enthusiastically looking forward to his college life in BU this fall. I understand that the school has to look into all the aspects of the college when planning. But as a medical professional, I think it would be wise to provide a few options.

    1. If it’s safe to reopen in the fall on a large scale (remember it will never be 100% safe), school can test each student, faculty, and staff or ask them to provide medical test stating that they either have developed antibodies already or have never been exposed to the virus. This group of the BU family (I believe this will be the majority) can come back to school safely enjoy a normal college life. Of course we need to have plans in place in case they travel outside of BU afterwards.

    2. Some people(I think probably a small portion of the student body) might feel comfortable to learn at home via internet. BU can provide online teaching for them.

    3. If it’s absolutely not safe to reopen in the fall, BU should delay the opening for a month or two until it’s safe.

    It’s very challenging time of our lives. But I’m sure BU leadership will find pragmatic solutions to accommodate different needs from its’ very diversified body of students, faculty, and staff.

    Go BU!!!

    1. Dear Mr President of BU

      My son plan to attend BU in this fall -2020. We know Yale almost made the decision will re-open(they announced at tonight admitted student meeting). Couple of wish and suggestion from parents and student:

      1) Open on Campus for some Lab based Science Major, put liberty art major for online course to reduce the campus density

      2) Organized students, and teach students how to protect themselves,

      3) Performance CORVID-19 test and antibody test for any necessary conditions.

      4) Preparing some zoom or building for isolated infected students.

      Everybody knew that wish Corvid-19 vaccine released at Jan 2020, is not real, plus no symptom patient is 25-30% in statistics. Having everybody master the skills on how to protect themselves are the key …

  12. Hello Mr. President of BU ,
    I’m a parent of a student of class graduating in 2022.
    The recent article published in Forbes.com on April 13th has caused lot of confusion in parents and students!
    Is the article true or fake news? If it is not fake, why was it not informed to students first? What does this mean? Will Students stand to loose the time from Aug to Dec 2020? Please explain.
    Please reply whether the articles is true or fake. Not denying nor accepting the article does not make sense!

  13. As an upcoming senior, I personally feel (if it leads to this decision) that delaying the Fall semester to January 2021 and moving summer 2021 into the allotted Fall semester is the best case scenario for everyone. This is an unprecedented time that no one truly has answers for; yet, the best thing our BU community can do is provide the invaluable experience of in-person teaching whether that be delayed or not. Majority of the resources on-campus are foundational in interpersonal connections and that’s something you simply cannot gain via online.

  14. WE SHOULD STAY AND KEEP ONLINE CLASSES OR AT LEAST MAKE IT ON VOLUTARY BASIS< IF STUDENTS FEEL SAFER AT HOME, THEN LET IT BE! Insisting on opening the campus is a pure selfish move!!! KEEP CLASSES ONLINE FOR FALL20!!! Students' safety and health should be the absolute priority…

    1. What about the students that have parents that are healthcare workers. They are at a greater risk for contracting the disease if their parent is exposed. That is something that needs to be considered as well. Also, students who feel safer at home don’t need to come back next semester. They can take a gap year, transfer to a different college for the semester, etc.

  15. I am an incoming international student looking to join in fall 2020..But looking at the porous times we are in it may be too risky for an opening.. Also considering that some countries may take a longer time to kick start activities after this pandemic goes away hence some international students may have difficulties in traveling out of their countries to meet deadlines for resumption as the case maybe…. Maybe more time should be given to see how things stabilizes around the world before decisions are made…

  16. I understand that it is a challenging time for the faculties as well. However, I believe that there should be a better plan or manage of the remote learning experiences. The current mathematics class I am taking right now does not even provide a Zoom lecture. I have been self-learning and contacting the TF to get help with my ongoing quizzes and homework. I have addressed the professor about my concern but the solution was offered as “an online chat” or to seek help from the TF. I know that everyone did not sign up for this but I believe that better plan can be made in the future for students to get the most out of remote-learning with the amount of tuition fees we are paying.

  17. I am the father of a Spanish student expected to join BU for the the academic year 2020-21, starting fall 2020.
    I appreciate the efforts being made to adjust to the new situation.
    Please keep in mind that the visa, travel, accommodation … processes for incoming international students take time, whether or not the BU continue with the scheduled program.
    This affects not only the BU but the students’ home universities.
    Therefore, I understand that the final decision must be communicated in sufficient time, to facilitate the necessary procedures in each case.
    Thank you.

  18. When are we going to get an answer about re-opening school in September?
    If we start a remote semester on September how will this affect international students visas?

  19. I understand the social desire and financial need to reopen the campus. However, having thousands of students flying in from all over the country and world, from places with varying levels of virus and protective measures, and squashing them together in close quarters, seems like a very obvious bad idea. People need to be able to make plans with advance notice for air travel, and students, parents, and university employees who work in the dorms need to be confident that their health is not being jeopardized. The virus is not going to be gone by fall.

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