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There are 23 comments on The Story Behind Ocasio-Cortez’s Dancing Video—from Those Who Made It

  1. With all of this talk about Russians influencing social media, it would have been nice if BU Today didn’t reinforce the silly notion like the other national media that an anonymous twitter handle (reportedly @AnonymousQ1776) represents the entire GOP, but that’s where we are now, create as much discord as possible on non-stories such as this. The Democratic Party promised to change the toxic culture on Capitol Hill but is already reinforcing it, as evidenced by AOC’s tweet (FYI, there are many GOP congresswomen in office) and the condoning of her colleague’s vulgar rant against Trump on Thursday.

      1. You mean the number of GOP women in the House of Representatives dropped. There are eight female GOP senators in Congress as well. Speaking of which, one of the reasons the number dropped is because a white male Democrat defeated Haitian-American female Republican Mia Love. Where’s the PC outrage?

    1. There are far more Democrat congresswomen than there are GOP. Also far more Democrats than GOP in Congress who are not white. Why do you think that is?

    2. The backlash against the Twitter poster’s ill-advised attempt to smear AOC was directed at that individual, together with anyone who might agree with him/her, not at the blanket condemnation of every Republican. You might want to consider the beam in your own eye: “The Democratic Party promised to change the toxic culture on Capitol Hill but is already reinforcing it….”

  2. Nothing wrong with this video
    College students should have fun and dance
    while they can
    I don’t agree with her politics and where is the money to pay for everything ?
    I have heard her interviewed and despite a degree in international affairs her basic knowledge is severely lacking (google her to listen to interviews).
    I hope BU does not give her any awards just because she is famous. She doesn’t deserve it at this time. Wait till she gets more experience and makes positive changes

    1. I mainly agree with you; she has her work cut out for her in Congress. I hope that her education at BU proves to be a strong foundation for success and continued learning.

  3. Love this School-Days video. Opposition to such a college activity demonstrates political extremism! Taking one person’s part of a dance-video out of context seems an act far more compatible and consistent with “Commie” government behavior mentioned in the clip than does Ocasio-Cortez’s participation in a fun school video. Go, BU Terriers!!! And sincere congratulations to Rep Ocasio-Cortez on her election!
    Steve Wayles BU School of Theology D.Min 1991

  4. Get over it! There is nothing wrong with Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college. I think the students cast in the video are absolutely charming, and they brought a smile to my face. It is a beautiful thing to be in college getting an education, having fun, while serving your community.

  5. Everyone should sing, dance more and be silly at any age and “exercise certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Declaration of Independence 1776.

    The foundation of American history and the US Constitution.

  6. Joshua, welcome to your actual GOP. That anonymous twitter handle is now representative. If you don’t feel like you identify, you’re in the wrong spot.

    Personally, I found the video too dorky to watch the whole thing (and how can “Lisztomania” have been long enough ago that a college student could become a congresswoman) but sure, it was sweet. It’s hard to imagine how curdled and misogynist you’d have to be to read “woman is stupid” into this.

    Also weird: politicians shouldn’t be able to dance? Are certain people maybe a little jealous that they never felt the love on the dance floor?

    1. So Amy, by your logic, should I take some of the tweets directed at U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (victim of a shooting two years ago), who was debating with AOC via Twitter this weekend, as representative of the Democrat Party? You and your fellow Democrats are condoning violence against GOP politicians? Look forward to the national media, including BU Today, on labeling those tweets as representative of the Democrat Party, but of course that won’t happen. Pick and choose their own narrative.

  7. Seriously… I’m glad it backfired. I like that it shows AOC is fun and funny, and she has a good attitude toward life.

  8. OAC is clueless nitwit! A socialist traitor to the USA. Ridiculous Green Plan . . .
    No concept of reality! What were her people who elected her thinking??

  9. Ms Ocasio-Cortez has spoken of her financial struggles, and many of those conservative critics seek to portray her concerns as disingenuous.

  10. Let’s just go with the lady can dance! You don’t have to agree with her politics to respect her service . Commenting on her efforts in a personal way embeds the dichotomy that is modern American politics. Congresswoman keep doing what you are doing we all need everyone’s opinion to be able to find workable solutions to the issues we are facing.

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