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There are 21 comments on One Year In, How’s Trump Doing?

  1. Dow above 26,000. Unemployment at historic lows. Business confidence at historic highs. ISIS crushed in less than a year. And somehow none of the “experts” uncovered by BU Today find any of this worthy of mention?

    1. Yes it’s amazing what happens when there’s pro business leadership in the White House. Big difference from the “community organizer” who said “if you have a business you didn’t build that”

    2. This is all carry over from Obama’s 8 years as president. ISIS was not crushed in “less than a year” and unemployment has been dipping for a while. Trump is bad for American unity and an embarrassment internationally.

  2. More left-wing crying. Are these the same polls that predicted Hillary would win in a landslide and the stock market would crash? Trump’s all about creating job’s and for that reason alone he’s got a really good chance of winning again in 2020. Look at CA to see what decades of democratic leadership do, high taxes, sanctuary cities, no welfare reform, etc.. no wonder businesses are fleeing CA for TX.

  3. It is amazing how out of touch with the “little people” the academic elite is. They have no idea what the needs and expectations of real American families are and how to take care of them. They just want to keep getting their tax dollar and carry on. I immigrated legally to the USA twenty five years ago to escape the same kind of ideology that turned my native country in a (….)-hole.

  4. Excellent analyses, although depressing. Specially the last one on US international standing. That is where this crazy man has caused the most damage. From being the country everyone looked up to, we have been made the laughing stock of the work. No power has fallen as quickly or as disgracefully as he is trying to bring us down.

  5. A lot of supposed soul-searching and “mea culpa” by people repeating the same accusations they make about every conservative Republican. They’re apologizing because they were so right before and Trump is even worse. A lot of unsubstantiated rubbish about eroding civil liberties by people who seem not to have noticed the Obama opening criminal prosecutions against journalists. What’s most pathetic is that each of these respondents is actually not providing any meaningful insight or distinct perspective. Instead, they are pandering to each other by seeking clever rephrasings of the same accusations I’ve heard about Republicans since Reagan – another President whose accomplishments like ending the Cold War they never, ever will acknowledge.

  6. Any expert assessment of the past 12 months that fails to acknowledge the positive changes the govt of Trump has made, particularly in the economy, is suspect. BU Today editors can do better.

    1. The “BU experts” polled by BUToday after the 2016 election missed badly post-election and, now, a year afterward, they won’t acknowledge their misses.

      How can the lowest overall unemployment in 50 years, including the lowest unemployment among blacks, demonstrable improvement in the relation among races, an historic tax cut that is already positively affecting the middle class as well as businesses large and small, be the horror described by BU “experts”?

      1. Unemployment is thanks to Obama era. Glad you appreciate it. Race relations are worse now unfortunately. Tax cuts could be good for middle class but the bill wasn’t put together carefully enough. Too sloppy.

        1. I love how liberals want to say Obama is somehow responsible for Trump’s great first year in office. Except Obama relied on the Fed to pump up the stock, housing, and commodity markets through low interest rates causing another bubble. Trump is actually creating a pro-business environment through tax cuts and undoing Obama’s regulations that’s a big difference. Unfortunately the Obama Fed inflated bubble will probably pop sometime within Trump’s presidency and he’ll get blamed.

  7. I neglected to point out that the positive achievements of a less-than-one-year-old administration may be news to some, in part because some media outlets are simply not reporting them! More than ever, those of intellectual curiosity and the need to know the truth, would benefit from broad reporting on current events, with domestic and international.

    Identifying media bias, which so easily moves to media censorship, must be our individual and collective responsibility if we care about the truth.

    Compare what major outlets are reporting. Ascertain what stories not carried (ignored) by some can be independently verified. Don’t limit your news sources to outlets that ignore news that may not comport with the outlet’s (or your own) “view of the world.”

  8. Who took the BU that I once knew and loved? Honestly, what happened to the University? This BU seems deeply lost in the liberal elite weeds … utterly clueless!

    Our ‘best and brightest’ professors don’t even seem an inch deep and a mile wide … they learned NOTHING from the 2016 election or the year that’s just passed … I’m embarrassed for each of them, and candidly, of my alma mater too.

    You don’t have to like Trump … that’s okay, but to NOT acknowledge that he’s fired up the economy .. an economy that lazily floundered around, made some tech gazzilionaires but mostly crushed the middle of the country – and the hardworking folks who populate the area between the left and right coast. He’s got the consumer reenergized (critically important in a consumer driven economy), GDP could start bumping up against 4% – this would be a 100% improvement over the ‘Community Disorganizer’s’ average, unemployment claims are at a 40 year low, GOOD jobs are beginning to return to the country, corporations are repatriating capital at an astounding rate (bonuses to employees, wage increases, and cap-ex will all follow), stock markets are flying, there’s optimism in the economic marketplace … etc etc etc. He’s lifted a mountain of regulation that was stifling growth (I read that he’s surpassed his goal of 1 new law at the cost of removing 2 – with 20 removed for 1 new one passed), he’s given business leaders a reason to invest in the US, the tax overhaul is MASSIVE, he’s placed a bunch of federal judges, and seated a US Supreme Court Justice. He’s stomped ISIS, and put the fear of collapse and ultimate survival into the little rodents who run a bunch of these silly little nothing countries .. he’s backhanded NATO and has them beginning to actually ‘pay’ for their own relative security, so OF COURSE they don’t like his approach – to NOT acknowledge that is to miss the train completely!

    It is, without question, an astounding track record … PERIOD.

    Seriously, keep hating Trump … if it makes you feel good – go for it. But, also, enjoy your greater paycheck, don’t forget to check your 401k balance, have fun working through all the new job offers that are certain to start rolling in once the engine really gets humming, and get prepared for another 7 years of a Trump administration.

  9. As a longtime creature of BU, I find this level of privileged separation from the facts and practicalities of the real world a parody of itself and a real disservice to students. Too many of us at BU and elsewhere in academia are inclined to champion every form of diversity except political ideology. I suspect publicly noting anything that isn’t dystopian about the current administration might be detrimental to the social status and professional standing of those who contributed to this story. That’s a shame.

    Among the six experts, Virginia Sapiro and Adil Najam offer an extra special type of useless histrionics. Conversely, Bruce Schulman deserves credit for presenting a smart, unemotional analysis.

    Tom Fiedler is a good man with a highly informed point of view. It’s disappointing that he avoids an honest exploration, here and in other public forums, of the reasons why a significant majority of Americans no longer trust the media or think national reporters can relate in any way to the suburban and rural experience. He says nary a word about the dissolution of standards and ethics; the tones of ridicule and righteousness that creep more and more into fact-based reporting; the popularity of cable news and social media punditry as an acceptable side hustle for those who report straight news; or the manifold incidents of major media outlets getting important stories wrong in the past year because of a reliance on anonymous sources who are often settling scores and advancing partisan objectives.

    These are not glory days for American journalism or aligned in many ways to the best practices of Tom’s era as a political reporter. There are agitators and unprincipled purveyors of disinformation, of all political persuasions, within government AND media. The assault is reciprocal, and it continues to sow tremendous anger, confusion and division among Americans of sound intelligence and good intentions.

  10. Is there anything “fair and balanced“ about this this article? How are students to form their own opinions when you push this one sided garbage? BU should hire diversity in opinion…

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