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There are 35 comments on For CFA’s Cassell, Movement Is an Expression of Inner Truth

  1. Wow, BU School of Theatre is so lucky to have Professor Cassell. His teaching is magical, inspiring, relatable and outside of the box. What is so magical is how he allows his students to become his “partners” in the journey of the experience These two videos and article completely made me look atmovement study in an entirely way. His approach seems to emphasize movement as an essential ingredient to physicalizing storytelling–something that all actors desperately need. Just by viewing and reading these, my life has changed–I need to take his class!!

  2. This man is brilliant-completely “moved”. Bravo! The Movement Department at BU SOT is making a holistic and inspiring statement in how movement is integral to developing story.

  3. What a beautiful story–Assistant Professor Cassell is a revelation and a gift to the BU Community and to the world of Theatre. The video forgets to mention his extraordinary BREAKFAST WARM-UP, a tool that I utilized when I was lucky student of his. An original warm-up, the tools are strategically utilized to awaken and stimulated the body in ways I never discovered–allowing expressivity to freely extend. A gifted teacher, a beautiful human being and a true artist he is. Bravo!

  4. Finally, Professor Cassell receives what he deserves–Recognition for his brilliant and engaging practice that clearly is his own. I believe he is the most underrated choreographer and educator of movement practice in Boston and beyond. The video clearly highlights the numerous contributions he brings to the field on top of a humanity that clearly “moves” all. I often wonder why his work is not recognized more.

  5. Thrilled to learn of the incredible work Professor Cassell is accomplishing just in his first year and highly look forward to how the amazing movement curriculum develops in the years ahead. He is a marvel and a gift to BU, the School of Theatre and to the city. What a wonderful and insightful interview with a sampling of two enriching videos.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful program. My favorite line: ” You can make a choice. This is going to get in my way or this is going to SHOW me the way.” Brilliant. Another favorite, ” Trust your instrument–you are different from you and you are different from you–there is no one like you.” Professor of the year in my book, hands down.

  7. Professor Cassell is a marvel–a shining beacon of hope for these gifted and lucky students–his teaching, choreographic endeavors and embracement of the goodness in life is intoxicating and infectious. So thrilled for BU, The School of Theatre and the students.

  8. What a wonderful and moving tribute to an incredible Professor, an enriching art form and the power of teaching. Professor Cassell is a gift to not only BU and Boston but to the power of transformation.

  9. Thank you deeply for publishing this wonderful work–Professor Cassell is an amazing professor whose passion for movement practicum, the art of teaching and for inspiring is unlike any other I know. My daughter adores his classes and thrilled to call him her Professor.

  10. So thrilled to witness the movement program at BU in continued great hands. I had the pleasure of working with Judith Chafee and it seems Professor Cassell is honoring her legacy yet creating one uniquely his own for the blazing students at BU–Bravo School of Theatre, Bravo BU and many Bravos to the amazing Professor Cassell!

  11. Professor Cassell is a revelation at BU–one of the most dynamic, positive and generous voices at the school. His InMotion Theatre’s production, recently premiered at the new Booth Theatre, was one of the best productions I have ever seen. Bravo to The School of Theatre for having him on the faculty.

  12. Professor Cassell is a gift to the world and this article and videos, beautifully written and produced, captures his many gifts. My son absolutely adores him as a teacher and literally, in his words, “changed his life”. His embracement of finding “joy”, while may seem frivolous, is so entirely essential in how we “move” forward. I recently saw Mr. Cassell’s InMotion Theatre’s presentation of THE JOURNEY at the glorious Joan and Edgar Booth Theatre and literally broke down with tears of joy and amaziement–what a tremendous production and showcase of the amazing students. My son mentions that Mr. Cassell is his favorite teacher and is inspired by not only his excellent teachings and mentorship but by his example of living, creating and sharing. Bravo to BU, The College of Fine Arts and to The School of Theatre for offering this gift of a human to not only my students but to all future generations.

  13. I went with my son, then a prospective student, for a tour at The College of Fine Arts School of Theatre and we were generally very impressed with the faculty, the school and the incredible theatre program it offers. But then my son and I attended an open rehearsal of Professor Cassell for his production of The Journey and watched him teach and create–wow, wow, wow. My son, after leaving the rehearsal, cemented his decision to go to BU. We not only credit Professor Cassell for defining his decision but inspiring it as well. He is highly looking forward to having Professor Cassell as his teacher in the fall. I know personally he will not only be in good hands but inspired ones as well.

  14. Tremendous profile of a tremendous Professor. He has revolutionized the way my son embodies and lives his life. His lessons extend far beyond the walls of a studio and his definition of movement extend far beyond “steps”. Our family is so grateful for not only what Professor Cassell brings to our son, to the community at large, but to life as well. Thank you!

  15. Tremendous profile of a tremendous Professor–Mr. Cassell is a shining light in the field of teaching and BU is lucky to have him. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a tremendous article about a tremendous Professor whose passion for teaching and for sharing is evident in every action he takes–Bravo!

  17. When my son was applying to theatre schools last year, this moving and inspirational video convinced him wholeheartedly that not only he wanted to be taught by Professor Cassell but also to be around his spirit, generosity and what he termed, “brilliant shapings.” During a visit to the school, we had the tremendous pleasure to meet Mr. Cassell in person and view his process of directing a production, The Journey, the school was presenting at The Booth Theatre. Once again, I was reminded of what my son said previously, “brilliant shaping” but then I also thought “Brilliant human”. He is beyond thrilled to begin his own shaping in his first year ahead. Thank you for not only this video which inspired my son to apply but for keeping it available to be reminded of how teachers truly inspire.

  18. What a tremendous profile of a tremendous professor. I have long admired Mr. Cassell’s spirit, innovative approaches, creativity and meaningful lessons from afar and thrilled for BU, the students and the community at large. Thank you for highlighting Mr. Cassell’s many humanistic and artistic contributions.

  19. These are wonderful videos along with a great article–I am a huge fan of Professor Cassell and thrilled to see his heart translated into his teachings and mentorship. BU is incredibly lucky.

  20. This is just wonderful—my daughter had the recent pleasure of auditioning at BU with Professor Cassell and she said he was brilliant. In a short period of time, she mentioned he taught her so much and the room was filled with generosity. She is hoping to be accepted to not only embrace the lessons of the school but of Professor Cassell as well. Bravo!

  21. This is a fantastic profile of a wonderful Professor and human being–After seeing this video, my son wanted to audition for the school which he did yesterday and miraculously so, Professor Cassell was the one who auditioned him. When my son came out of the room he said “This guy is for real–so special.” He said he took the time to truly provide thoughtful and practical feedback and provided a genuine passion for his process. He sed whatever the outcome is he will never forget the tremendous amount of care and lessons he shared. Thank you!!

  22. What a tremendous profile of an inspiring Professor–Mr. Cassell is just dynamic and so good. Yes, many can teach but few can inspire like this. What a gift BU has with this professor and I am thrilled for all of the students.

  23. Professor Cassell is a brilliant teacher and a beautiful human being–thank you for sharing. BU is lucky– We wish we had him on our faculty at Julliard. I have been a tremendous fan of his teaching approach and spirit for over fifteen years and am still in awe.

  24. A tremendous profile of a tremendous human and Professor–Mr. Cassell changed my life not only through his practice but through the outpouring of his spirit. Professor of the year always in my mind. He is a force of joy, of nature and of moving the soul.

  25. This past Friday, my son and I were completely changed when we attended Mr. Cassell’s class and open rehearsal for his new production, Sunlight Interior. He is a dynamic, inspiring and tremendous teacher and human being. His craft, creativity and lessons completely moved us. I for one have always been skeptical of theatre but he has changed my view completely. This morning my son decided to attend BU mostly because of Mr. Cassell. Thank you.

  26. A tremendous professor who has reshaped the way I look at and embody life. Three years later as an Alumni now and I am still impacted by the teachings of this incredible human being and artist.

  27. As we stay inside during these eventful times, it was magnificent to re-read and review this tremendous profile of an incredible professor who not only embodies the meaning of expressiveness but teaches it as well. Congratulations!

  28. My son instantly applied to BU after seeing this video and now he will be Mr. Cassell’s student. He is beyond thrilled to learn from this tremendous teacher. Thank you for inspiring my son!

  29. Professor Cassell is a dynamic human whose passion for teaching, for sharing, for understanding and for inspiring is unparalleled to anyone I have ever been taught by. Thank you for sharing this video.

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