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There are 9 comments on Einstein Really Was a Genius: Gravitational Waves Detected

  1. No verification of Einstein’s taking an IQ test exists. Some question whether he had Savant syndrome. Regardless, he had unique talents and was a contributor to a better society.

  2. Einstein neither had Savant Syndrome nor did he exihibit any of the symptoms of such syndrome. Not only was he a genious but he was also a philosopher, musician and a great thinker once you actually read his non-physics writings about philosophy, universe, humans and a creator.

  3. Gravitational wave detection – NOT the last test for General Relativity, lots remain UNTESTED

    No doubt Einstein was a genius, but

    please note that this detection of Gravitational Waves is not the “last” prediction to be fulfilled in General Relativity, as lots remain untested.

    All existing tests are in a small region (solar system size) and focused on a special case, beyond which is never tested.

    The fundamental assumption of GR is scale (space, time and mass) consistency throughout the universe. I.e. if the sun were moved to center of the galaxy, it wouldn’t be heavier or lighter. This “assumption” is never tested, not even by this gravitational wave detection probably. Actually that’s where mysteries occur, e.g. dark matter (mass enlargement), flat universe, unfound graviton and quantum gravity. They are “mysterious” just because people are MISINFORMED that the “whole” GR is tested.

    Overly exageration of success is misleading to the public and science community alike, which kills the future of science.

    Kwan Chiang

  4. Logic Rules – How demeaning to say that Einstein had Savant Syndrome – does this reek from envy or you suffering from that. We are living on the man’s discoveries, for God’s sake.

  5. The problem with this experiment is; variables are uncounted for: I’m not debating if the test detected the release of waves from two black holes combining, I’m okay with that, my problem is the 2.5 solar masses of energy released from the two black holes combining, is not accounted for. Understanding that we know how fast magnetic wave travel but we have never recorded magnetic waves so condensed I also fine remarkable. The universe is in a dance, gravity is the result of many fields combining, it is not detectable and in no way did this experiment prove gravity was detected.

  6. Here are known quotes from Einstein that kind of give me an idea of the guy.
    1.) Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
    2.) Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
    3.) The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

  7. As there is no disagreeing voice about the concern in my previous message, it seems reasonable to look into it further.

    Currently, all successful tests are in a small region (solar system size) and focused on a special case, beyond which (a general Einstein equation) is actually not tested. It would be “dangerous” to claim that this detection of gravitational waves is the last test to be fulfilled and “all” Einstein equation is tested. I’ll show why is my concern here?

    Some simple (but critical) math can be found through some slides from this URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4By-vnVVUng

    At here, I’d just summarize the most critical finding: contrary to assumption in GR, the scale represented by proper time, dτ, is NOT constant, but proportional to gravitating mass, as (dτ)2 = (dt)2 – (dx/c) 2 – (dy/c) 2 – (dz/c)2 , the corresponding equation in momentum is the SR identity, (mc)2 = (E/c)2 – (px ) 2 – (py ) 2 – (pz ) 2. Through term-wise comparison, we see immediately that proper time dτ is proportional to mass if it were to be consistent with special relativity. Assuming universally consistent proper time inadvertently shrinks/expands scales at regions where should otherwise be of different proper times. This is most likely the cause of dark matter.

    On the other hand, a universally consistent scales can be obtained by adjusting local proper times according to local gravitating mass. Likewise, different masses must be adjusted separately before being summed up to avoid summation of apples and oranges. In other words, only those Einstein equations (category-1) which is summed up after adjustments are non-mixtures of apples and oranges. All the rest are mixtures of apples and oranges (category-2). Claiming Einstein equation is non-linear and cannot be summed up is but self-deceiving (see above URL).

    It appears all successful tests of General Relativity are for cate-1 Einstein equations. It is highly doubted that cate-2 Einstein equations will ever be tested successfully.

    Therefore, extending success of cate-1 tests to “all” (both cate-1 and cate-2) Einstein equations is very dangerous, as all people (including public and physicists) thought “all” Einstein equation is tested. When searching for the cause of unfound graviton, quantum gravity, dark matter, etc., people looks everywhere but Einstein equation, because they are informed that Einstein equation is fully tested.

    Kwan Chiang 2/23/16

  8. Of course if gravity is being generated by black holes as it appears to be what happened to the speed of light constant and is gravity overcome the constant pressure of the speed of light? And of course let’s not forget dark matter and dark energy it seems like theoretical physicist keep forgetting that factor in their equation and another Factor they keep forgetting is we are alive and do we change what we observe by observing it?

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