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There are 17 comments on Trivino Pleads Guilty to Assault and Battery, Trespassing

  1. What a coward. He couldn’t even apologize and look her in the eye or even give her the courtesy to look at her during her victim statement? He plead guilty for self serving reasons, not for remorse. Prayers for this brave young lady.

    1. We cannot know why they did not make eye contact during this process. Perhaps, the young man’s counsel encouraged him to not do so given how traumatized the victim is. This is only one reason; I am sure everyone reading this article could come up with dozens.

  2. This made me cry. My heart goes out to the victim. Good for you for being so brave and to make a victim statement in court like that. That is SO brave and so inspirational, but must have been a terrifying experience. No one can put a price on your suffering.

    It’s unfortunate Trivino didn’t get a more severe sentence, but considering how these trials usually go (where the perp is found not guilty), at least he got something that will remind him of the err of his actions.

  3. The punishment is equivalent to the crime. Do you propose to destroy this young man’s life because of a drunken mistake? My sympathies for the victim, but in a case of trespassing and assault do not expect a reasonable judge to send a young adult to prison. It is, however, just right that he should be monitored and kept under watch.

    Mo don’t presume to know what Trivino is thinking, that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

    I look forward to seeing the task force report at the end of this summer. BU has taken the right steps to making things right.

    1. Why should he get his life ruined because of a drunken mistake? How about, why should SHE get HER life ruined because of a drunken mistake?

      1. You sound quite aggravated, Ten Tiny Puppies.

        I must have missed that part where assault, trespassing, and groping would destroy a young woman’s life. In fact, I might recall seeing this more than a few times on Friday nights in Allston.

        I suggest you calm down and think about whats just for both parties here.

        1. Seriously? After everything that has happened at BU this year and there are still people who think like this?

          Assault, groping, or trespassing can ruin ANYONE’s life. Have you ever heard of PTSD? Who are you to tell the assault survivor that what she experienced isn’t traumatizing?

          You “missed the part” where those things could destroy a woman’s (or anyone’s) life because you’re not paying attention and it hasn’t happened to you. Trivino ruined his own life when he forcibly entered the woman’s room and assaulted her. It’s no one’s fault but his own.

          1. Where did I say that the victim did not suffer from a traumatic experience? Do not put words in my mouth. I did say that it would not “destroy” her life. I am not trivializing her suffering – she was the victim of an unfair and painful crime. But these things happen and given enough support she will move on. As such, Trivino will now endure lost friends, glory, and alienation as well as a permanently damaged career with his now glowing criminal record (see: Islander’s response). Certainly he deserves this, that’s why I’m 100% behind the Brighton court ruling.

            However, it seems like BU is more interested in lynching him. To them, I recommend looking at the crime and remaining impartial in their judgement.

    2. FYI, Trivino will likely still go to the NHL. “Defense attorney Conrad Bletzer told the judge Trivino’s “agents” expect to land him an NHL contract by month’s end, either with the Islanders or another club. A spokesman for the Islanders did not respond yesterday to a request for comment on Trivino’s status, but a personnel director for an NHL team cited several players who dealt with legal issues and then still got the chance to play.” according to the Herald:

  4. Sharon, he didn’t rape her and had his career perhaps permanently ruined. You believe that he should be further punished? Would reducing him to nothing for the rest of his life so that he is more likely to do something like this again really be the best thing for society?
    I think this punishment is fair.

    1. Having his career permanently ruined was his own damned fault. It wasn’t a punishment- it was the consequence of his actions. That’s like saying, if you’re driving drunk and hit another car, your totaled car should be its own punishment. But we don’t do that–because it’s stupid. I don’t care that his career was ruined–his coach TOLD him to stop abusing alcohol, then he went and got drunk, and sexually assaulted an authority figure.

      Also, where’s your evidence that putting a setback in the way of his hockey career will automatically turn him into a rape machine? Are you saying that we should not be punishing those who commit crimes, because they might get mad and do it again? What the hell kind of justice system is that?

  5. BU Today, super informative, but also very biased. Here is the boston globe’s article on the case:

    and here is an important excerpt for those of you who have decided to victim-blame:

    “According to a police report, Trivino groped her and forcibly kissed her. She ordered him to leave her room, and he did, but returned soon after and banged on her door. She opened the door and Trivino again pushed his way in and tried to kiss her, the victim told police. After being cornered, the victim said she pushed him away. Trivino left her room again, only to ­return a short time later.

    The victim said that she opened the door again, feeling that she had to do so because she was the resident adviser. She said Trivino grabbed her arms tightly, then went to sit on her bed. Trivino took off his shoes, reclined on the bed, and told her he was going to sleep there overnight, she told police.

    When Trivino overheard the victim call the resident director, he put his shoes back on and left the room.

    Two Boston University ­police officers arrested Trivino as they responded to the case.”

  6. It’s hard to find anything in this sordid case that doesn’t smell like manure.

    The victim, who truly deserves the support of everyone, has had her life turned inside out. As she noted, she never asked for this to happen … this guy pushed his way into her room, wouldn’t leave when he was requested to do so and he physically groped her against her will. This is nightmarish to a young woman (I do have a daughter who’s nearly her age) and will likely rattle her constitution to it’s core. I’m sad for her and hope that she’ll be able to find peace in her life very soon … and at the same time, I’m also quite proud of her too for standing and delivering as she did in the courtroom – she did a great job and deserves to be proud of herself for doing the right thing!

    As for the ‘boy’ (and use of that word is deliberate), he made a really stupid mistake in spite of all the better counseling he’d received from those closest to him (mostly the head coach) and wound up facing a very serious threat – that being the loss of his freedom as he basically broke the law! Now, he’ll need to pay the consequences – whatever that may entail, and move forward with the knowledge that he’s truly hurt another person, is likely going to be classified as a sexual predator for life, and that if he doesn’t bring his problem with alcohol under control that he’ll be in much greater trouble in the future … hockey really is secondary!

    BU did the right thing by not dealing with the matter in house … it was really a matter best pursued in the courts, and the decision to form a task force was spot on.

    I await that report.

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