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There are 55 comments on Supporting Children Who Come Out Matters

  1. I think coming out the closet is very important to your childrens health. If you cant be truly who you are in front of your parents ;your creators and mentors that is very stressful and frustrating. After your child do come out the closet you have to support them because if you don’t there going to feel as if you don’t love them so who will love them if their own parents cant. They will all lead to pain and drugs to keep the hurt away . This will all effect your heatlth.

  2. I believe that a child should be loved no matter what. Even if their sexual orientation is different than the norm. If a child decides to come out, then they are facing extreme odds and I believe the kids parents should always be in their corner even if it is a tall task for the parent.

  3. We are all people. All children need support. How on earth are we going to create healthy, successful people if we don’t love and support our children unconditionally.

  4. I believe that if a child were to come out, they should be loved regardless of your own sexuality. If we all loved each other as much as we loved to hate people because they are different, this world would be a better place.

  5. Support is key to helping the future generations. Children are children and as parents, parents should realize that their kids are theirs and they created their kid. They should love them no matter what.

  6. I agree that we, as a society, should accept our children even though they might be apart of the lgbt community as they are our children and nothing should change that especially if their emotional/mental health depends on our acceptance of them.

    1. As humans we should be able to accept anyone. I feel that children need as much support compared to a grown adult, because this can help them understand and let them know that they are able to have someone to talk to about these issues or just any questions that they have.

  7. I believe that coming out of the closet is a very important thing for homosexuals. I also believe that the parents should love and support their children no matter what their sexuality is. It is important for children to feel safe, accepted and loved at home. If not, it can cause mental problems, depression, lashing out, and drug/alcohol problems. I have seen many of my friends go through situations like this. I will never let my child feel like I do not love them. I would want them to be truthful to themselves and to me.

  8. I believe that you should be able tell your parents anything and them accept you, even though this isn’t always the case. But as parents its our job to love our kids no matter what. It doesn’t shock me that good family support effects good physical/mental health.

  9. I believe having your parents accept you for who you are is very important for your mental health. Not being able to be who you want to be and constantly having to hide it from people could lead to depression and many other mental issues. As a parent you should love your children no matter what.

  10. If I had a child and they came out to me I would be fully accepting and wouldn’t make them feel uncomfortable around me or anyone else. If someone related made them feel like they were lesser than just because of their sexual orientation I would cut all communication ties with them. Coming from someone who is close with LGBTQ individuals and seeing parents being less supportive makes me sad because their child knows rather the parent admits it or not. As a young person we do what we can to please our parents and want their acceptance.

  11. When a child comes out they are revealing something very serious and sensitive, they should have support from their family because that’s who they are, The decided to tell you for a reason. In todays society we are being more accepting to the LGBTQ+ community but its still “not accepting”, we should love and support everyone no matter who they are.

  12. I didn’t ever understand those parents that didn’t support their own children 100% if they were apart of the LGBTQ community. After hearing this study on it now to it has made me confused even more. You could be sending your child down a road of depression and misery all because you won’t support who they are. You see it as wrong because of a few misquoted bible verses and in the fact that you wouldn’t do it but that’s just not the case. After reading this I think that those who don’t support their children coming out are the most close-minded people to ever exist.

  13. I believe everyone should be loved no matter what their sexual orientation is. Having a parent’s acceptance is very important in that child’s health, it could be the difference between a healthy child or one that commits suicide. Having to hide yourself from the people who are supposed to support you no matter what can be very difficult on one’s mental health.

  14. I believe that you should love your kid no matter how they identify themselves. When your child comes out to you, you should accept it and support them for who they are as a human being.

  15. I believe that you should love your kid no matter what. Maybe even more for coming out, and trusting you with their personal life. Everyone should be treated the same, they are just like any other human. Making your child feel like you are proud and accept who they are will make them feel so much better.

  16. I believe that coming out is a really important and sensitive topic for those trying to. The support of their family, friends, and loved ones is what can really affect their mental health and overall trust. The sexuality of one shouldn’t determine your respect, love, or anything else towards them.

  17. I believe that coming out is a really important and sensitive topic for those trying to. having your parents accept you for who you are is very important for your mental health.

  18. I agree with people should be accepted and loved by who they are. We shouldn’t judge one another, no matter what you believe in, because no one is perfect.

  19. I do think parents should be supportive of their kids under any circumstance. As parents, they should take into account the mental health of their kids, and as responsible parents, they should know that not accepting them would greatly affect that. Regardless of if they agreed with that lifestyle or not, that’s still their blood and I don’t see why they wouldn’t love them any different.

  20. I think if you’re not willing to love your kids unconditionally you shouldn’t have kids. That goes for them coming out and wanting to change their pronouns.

  21. Parents should accept and love their children no matter what. I honestly feel like its so weird to judge someone based on who they love. What does it matter??? I hope that soon there will be time where people won’t have to come out. Where no one in the world will care about who another person loves. Love is love.

  22. Coming out to the family can be a very stressful experience. Although I have never gone through it myself I have talked to others who have. Although in my mind it is common sense to accept your child for who they are and who they love, I know that out there individuals who believe that being part of the LGBTQ+ is a sin, an embarrassment, and a disappointment. I believe that love is love and accepting you child is such a crucial point in the child´s life. Based off the article kids go through so much pain and suffering once they are not accepted, so it just makes no sense to me as to how the family that spent years loving and caring for their kid can just disown them in a matter of seconds for being gay. Parents are willing to watch their child suffer depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders all because they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. That just does not sound humane.

  23. My viewpoint is that parents should love their kids unconditionally and if you can’t do that then don’t have kids. Everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs but at the end of the day we’re all human experiencing life so why make it hard for others just trying to live their’s truly.

  24. I believe that everyone deserves love even if they come out gay or lesbian. Do I think being gay or lesbian is okay? The truth is no, the bible is clear that being gay is a sin in Romans 1. Does this mean if you are gay you are going to hell? No, everyone sins and everyone struggles with something, all that matters is that you believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead and accept Jesus in your heart. I am a christian and My Job is to love God and love others, so just because someone is gay does not mean I hate them because I don’t. I would probably preach to them though because accountability and a strong relationship with Christ is important, so if someone can get some sin out of their life then that is good due to improvements being made in their relationship with Christ. With all that being said being gay or lesbian is not okay, I still love everyone even if they are, and I will pray for them to change because we cannot say we are Christians and be gay although we could still be saved and go to heaven.

  25. I think it is okay for children to grow and discover their true selves. I also believe the parents should support their kids no matter their Preference as long their partner treats them right who cares!

  26. To me I would think nothing less of my child if they came out at any point in their lives because at the end of the day you are still their parent and a figure in their lives that is meant to guide and protect them regardless of somthing such as sexuality and allow that to get in the way of taking care of a child.

  27. I believe that coming out can be a very hard thing for many homosexuals. With that being said everyone is human and nobody should be treated any different based on their views and what they like. Everyone should be treated equally and coming out should not have to be something scary for homosexuals to do it should be something they feel comfortable with.

  28. I definitely feel that everyone needs the support and safety feeling from their family because it starts with if they feel safe and supported to even come out or if they stay in the closet to be depressed and hidden.

  29. I believe that as Gods children, we should all accept one another no matter the circumstances. Related to the article, I believe that parents are the first line of support for their children. Just because you don’t believe in your child’s belief doesn’t mean you should stop loving them and supporting them always.

  30. Growing up, I struggled with my sexuality and gender identity and I believe being closeted was part of the reason I had my own share of mental health issues, so I’m not overly surprised to read that those that came out (especially into a supportive family) were more likely to have a healthier life long-term. I am more than grateful to have opened myself up into a mostly accepting family and I feel like in doing so it has significantly improved my mental health in the long run.

  31. Whether or not you agree with your children’s relationship choices should not change the way you love them. If you choose to have children, you accept that they might not live in the ways you are accustomed to, but you must love them unconditionally nonetheless. It is better to welcome your LBGT+ child with open arms than to reject them and see them turn to drugs and alcohol in response.

  32. I believe that this topic is sensitive and hard to the people that want to come out but don’t feel accepted by their family or people around them. I think parents should support their kids on their choices.

  33. I do think everyone deserves to be loved and treated equally. I don’t judge others who come out, however I’m not sure how I would react if I had a child and they told me they were gay or lesbian. I personally believe that man and woman belong together, because that’s how I was raised, but that doesn’t mean that I look down on same sex couples.

  34. In my opinion it can be scary for a child to build up the courage to come out and tell their parents that they are gay,bisexual,or lesbian, but when they do the parents should not make them feel unloved or unwanted just because their opinion differs.
    I feel like at the end of the day they are your child and you should love them unconditionally, and if you feel like they are just acting without thinking you should take the time to sit down and discuss why they feel the way they do.

  35. I feel as if all parents should support their children in all decisions they make because your own parent’s opinion determines a lot on how you feel emotionally and mentally. Like the picture says “Gay, Straight, our kids are great”. I agree completely with this phrase. Supporting your kids is what is most important!

  36. It shouldn’t matter if the child isn’t straight, parents should always support them. With parents support it will boost them mentally knowing they have their parents’ support. It’s all love and support. I also feel people should open up early. Keeping all that pressure and stress isn’t great mentally. Have some courage and let it out towards your parents!

  37. I feel that parents should always support their children decision no matter what. A parents’ approval really means so much to children and to have an unsupportive parent can cause lots of mental health issues.

  38. I feel that teenagers should be able to talk to their parents at any time of any day. Parents are there to support you as well as guide you throughout life. If you have a child in my opinion I think you should always listen to what they have to say in any situation and at the end of the day accept them for who they are. If you do not accept them for who they are you are just hurting your own child. Everyone is human and they can be who they want to be and they shouldn’t be judged by that.

  39. I personally don’t agree with or support LGB plus that doesn’t mean that I’ll treat them any different as I would anyone else. I believe that as a parent you should make it very clear that your child can talk to you about anything no matter what it is. Just because you don’t agree with your child doesn’t mean that you should treat them any different. If you’re a parent you should be your child’s safe haven and someone that they can trust . This mindset and way of life could help prevent health issues for your child.

  40. I believe that being who you truly are is most important always. Parents and loved ones should never treat one differently because of who they love or who they want to be. With children having the support that they need when coming out, it makes it easier for them to accept theirselves and move on with a healthier mindset!

  41. Now I really do think that kids need their parents to be supportive especially after reading this. As you can see their emotional health ties along with their physical health. Being a part of the LGBTQ community is something that isn’t highly accepted. I believe a child who is in this community should at least have their parents on their side to count on.

  42. I believe no matter what, parents should love and except their children for who they choose to be and love them. After reading an article like this, people and parents can see how their support, words and actions can truly affect the ones they love. Members of the LGBTQ + community should not have to choose between being themselves and have a support system behind them. It’s about time we learn to love and respect everyone of all genders, sexual orientations, pronouns, and just as humans in general.

  43. I personally do not agree with the LGB community, but that does not mean I would treat them any differently as I would anyone else. As a parent I believe you should show and express to your child that no matter what you love them and they can always come and talk to you about anything. Rather you understand or not sometimes all anyone needs is someone to listen to them talk.

  44. I believe that it is important to love and accept everyone, even if you do not understand or believe in what the other person is doing. Although I have never gone through this experience myself, or necessarily believe in it, I do know that coming out is a difficult thing to do. For this reason, I believe that everyone should still be loved and accepted, regardless of what their heart desires. Having the support and acceptance from your parents can mean so much when you are going through something important in your life. Additionally, I believe that a person shouldn’t be treated as anything less just because they come out.

  45. I think the study in coming out to your parents and their reaction is very important. It will help the kids and the parents. Kids will read about the odds that their parents accept them and it will motivate them to come out a lot sooner. The side effects might push more parents to learn and except there kid.

  46. Personally, I do not agree with being homosexual, HOWEVER, I will not think any less of you because of it. We are all human and deserve to be treated equally, no matter the circumstances. I understand the hardship that can come from telling your loved ones the news, but they will most likely still love you no matter what.

  47. Although I have never gone through this specific experience myself, I can imagine how scary it could be. I do believe articles on this topic are important; however, I believe they should be introduced at a certain age. Family support is essential for everyone’s mental health. We are all humans; we bleed the same color, and we deserve to be loved unconditionally. Sexuality should not impact the way we treat people.

  48. I believe that being supportive of your kid is very important, you might not like it but you can accept it. While I was reading this article I was shocked that people who do not get support from their parents go through the wrong paths. Even though some people don’t support the community, it’s not a reason to treat people differently or disrespectfully.

  49. I personally believe that once someone becomes a parent, they are automatically being exposed to a number of ways in which the child they are now responsible for raising can differ from them. Therefore, if my child were to come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community, I believe that it is my role to serve as a safe place for them. Although I may not be a part of the community myself, I see no reason why I should not support my child. Especially after seeing all the negative consequences that come with children who are not supported when they come out, I believe that this information should serve as a wake-up call to parents who decide that their views are more important than the well-being of their own children. Because whatever your gender preference is does not affect anyone else’s life but your own, we should be accepting of everyone!

  50. I personally do not support the LGB community, but that will never be a reason to offend or hate anyone of that group. It is important to accept those who you love no matter the circumstances. Unconditional love should be granted to the entire human race, and it shocks me to what extent “coming out” without support can hurt someone both mentally and physically.

  51. I personally don’t support LGB community. However, I will not treat someone less than they are. Just because they are different doesn’t mean I should treat them different. I get parents don’t support it but they should still have the common courtesy to treat their kid/kids the same way they would treat their others. They should know that they are loved, appreciated, understood, and cared about. It is something that you’ll have to get used to instead of trying to change them. You will just be making it worse on them. It could lead to addiction of many things or worse suicide.

  52. Although I may not agree with the LGBTQ+ community, I still think that they deserve to be treated just like the rest of us. We have no right to judge someone’s personal preferences. As parents, they should want to make the world a more comfortable and safe place for their children. By supporting their children in everything that they do, it helps them realize that they aren’t alone in the world, and that it is okay to express themselves.

  53. As I read this article, I realize how difficult it is to come out to one’s parents. I believe that every person should be treated the same whether you support the LGBTQ+ community or not. It is okay for the parents to be a little caught off guard or even a little bit awkward about the whole situation. However, it is not okay for the parents to disregard their childrens needs because of them coming out.

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