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There are 25 comments on New Bus Service Caters to College Club-Goers

  1. Wow!!!! This really makes me proud of the entrepreneurship that is coming out of BU’s School of Management. This is one of those ideas that makes one wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” Best of luck to BNE, and I will certainly be a customer when I return from abroad.

  2. As a parent of a BU student i am DISGUSTED to see that the universitys money is going to fund things like this? Funding the game of dangerous binge drinking is not a good thing and I am going to make my son transfer!

        1. 1. You can’t disagree on a fact. BU doesn’t fund this company.
          2. If you haven’t raised your son to know that binge drinking is dangerous, that’s your prerogative.

        1. My student has a car. So does his roommate. I’m thrilled to learn about this safe, convenient and inexpensive option. I wish the school would fund it. Unfortunately it does not.

        2. cassandra, you seem to think very poorly of your child and the BU student body. Go to Boston at night and you’ll see that drinking is the least dangerous thing going on after dark…

        3. Have you ever been to BU? Plenty of students have their own cars.
          Do us all a favor and stop trying to kid yourself into thinking you know what goes on at BU, and at colleges around the world. You obviously have no clue what is going on in the world.
          Furthermore, your ignorance and petty control issues are going to drive your son further away from you.

    1. #1 Read the article. #2 Students rushing through the streets trying to stop cabs when under the influence is dangerous. #3 This service eliminates the need for drunk driving.

    2. I think the point here is one where students end up drinking much more since they don’t have to worry about driving afterwards (similar to obtaining life insurance and going skydiving the next day :)

    3. you are going to make your son transfer because someone may actually have found a decent alternative to, say for instance, drunk driving and drunken mishaps? solely speaking for myself and not on behalf of the university… you go, mom!

      i’m sure whichever university your son might end up being forced to go to is totally safe with no access to alcohol. in fact, i’m sure your son is a truly virtuous person who will not touch alcohol till the age of 21 at the very least.

      seriously, let’s get a bit real. and while at it, get some of the facts straight too.

      happy chinese new year.

    4. I think that this service is an admirable idea as well as a great way for recent graduates to learn about the management of a business. As an over-21 student who likes to go out downtown, I understand that it does not require me to drink to a dangerous point. What IS dangerous is walking around the financial district at night, alone or with a few of your girlfriends, searching for a cab because they all get taken around 2 a.m. when the bars close. You need a reality check if you think your kid isn’t drinking while at college, and an even bigger one if you’d rather they engage in dangerous behavior just to get home at night.

    5. First of all, the comments are correct and BU does not ‘fund’ this company. Second, this company is helping those that ALREADY go to clubs to be safe about it. Third, if you think your son isn’t going to find friends that drink on any college campus, think again. Also, if your son is under 21, this doesn’t even apply to him.

  3. Hey Cassandra on,

    At least you have a disenated drive who is sober, they make sure girls get home safely without night stalkers watching their every move to commit sex crimes.

    also the driver can give a time line as to what time the student was dropped off in case something do happen to him or her.
    someone has to watchout for the kids no matter what.

  4. I appreciate and enjoy BU Today. This is a good article, but I have one suggestion. Please use the proper form of the word alumni (alumni, alumnus, alumna, or alumnae). Thank you!

  5. A publication representing the university should make the distinction between alumni (plural masculine or inclusive), alumnus (singular male), alumna (singular female), or alumnae (plural female exclusive). That said, great story. Really happy to see this service succeeding. Safe alternatives > unsafe.

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