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There are 27 comments on Exploring the Causes of Black Women’s Obesity

      1. Oh, I neglected to mention the lack of fiber in foods, which helps absorb a percentage of calories as well as nice food through the digestive tract. Which also sits feeling of fullness.
        Cdc, fda, huh!

    1. Don’t let the CDC, FDA, or any other delusional agency play you like this!
      It’s not just calories, actually little to do with.
      The biggest thing is refined sugars like the bun, ketchup in a hamburger which stimulates insulin release which promotes fat storage.
      Big companies found a long time ago there’s an ideal sugar/fat ratio that makes something taste better. All the foods that mentioned have these traits.
      Now don’t dismiss water constituents, medications or social factors where black women as well as white girls are shamed or feel timid getting out getting around. Where there’s mean people out there.
      Where there agencies like to feel intelligent talking to the masses who don’t know squat about real nutrition or conditions surrounding someone’s life. Playing on others ignorance while blaming black women.
      Again, stress, where government doesn’t generally have to worry about living, like not being commented on, not having enough to get by, where cortisol release promotes fat storage, where cortisol is a stress hormone.
      Where there’s a lot more involved than just what meats the eye.
      Then a combination of factors.
      Again, there’s also a thing of lack of support. Where envy can prompt many into deliberately sabotaging anothers’efforts at weight loss. I’ve seen it time and time again. Whether it’s tempting another with some good tasting food or demoralizing them for why they want to lose weight etc.
      Again, poor people food naturally has these characteristics. Chicken is cheap comparedto good lean beef. Rice and flour are cheap too, but will keep you alive.
      Again amino acid (protein) profiles can contribute as well.
      Cdc, fda, ???? America’s a bunch of suckers listening to the molarchy. Lol, being slopped like hogs anyway. But there’s big profits in bad food.

      1. You’re out of your mind. It is “ just calories”.
        Calories in must be less than calories burned if you want to lose weight. Eating more calories than you burn causes weight gain! You can not break the laws of thermodynamics! All of this BS about hormones and refined sugar and ketones and blah blah blah are just pseudo science that has been exaggerated by pseudo doctors and people who want to make themselves feel better about being fat and lazy.

        1. I agree 100%. Everyone wants to blame the food quality and hormones so they don’t feel responsible for their own weight gain but the truth is to gain weight you’re eating more than you’re burning. To lose weight you must burn more than you’re eating.

        2. No wrong again Mike. A calorie is not just a calorie. A calorie from an ounce of sugar metabolizes differently than an equal amount of fish. Read Adkens book on how sugar and other carbs affect the body.

  1. The rates of obesity in America are highest for blacks, second highest for hispanics, third for whites.

    There are so few overweight asians that he number is almost insignificant.

  2. i will be glad to join in finding the causes of black women obesity in America and to me i think the cause is too much junk food without exercise

  3. Really? Poor diet and lack of exercise are the cause of obesity? Why was it necessary to conduct such research when this type of information is widely known?

    I hope my tuition dollars aren’t paying for any of this “research” — which seems highly driven by political correctness.

  4. Don’t try to blame meat fo the obesity. It’s all the fries, ketchup, bread, and sugar drinks consumed along with the burger. Put a fat person on a low carb diet, and watch him/her lose weight.

  5. Obesity is a serious problem. It is not easy dealing with Obesity. Diet and self control must rule here. I just keep laughing after I found out about this fake sonogram from fakeababy. It is amazing really.

  6. I found this while reading about weight and black women. I’m mixed-race and during my annual physical my GP said I was medically classified as obsese. I was taken aback by this. I’ve struggled with being overweight my entire life, but I never felt I was ‘obese.’ Even at 145 I looked skinny and wore a size 6. I’m a muscular black girl. I don’t drink soda nor do I regularly eat fast food. I have scaled back on carbs because I have anemia. I’ve replaced carbs with more iron-rich foods and supplements. I’m certainly overweight (this is more a genetic issue for me than a diet issue), but the obsese classification I diagreed with.

  7. IT is unfair for black women to be classed as obese and more so when pregnant where weight gain is a natural process for us in these times. We are being subjected to a general chart that has been prepared by white people for the general weight requirements (BMI)and not being recognised that our whole make up structure is different to that of a white person and this is so to other races. Therefore we are being targeted as being obese because we are being compared to European/white standards. Do ignore this rule and just eat as best and healthy as you can and know that you are different and that they haven’t caught on yet or are disregarding the facts. There should be a BMI for different races as it is clear we are not all the same. More study should be done around this before labelling.

    1. The definition of obesity doesn’t change with color. This study was a count and comparison of that count of overweight and obese people. This article has added no weight to any black female. The perception I get is that black women act as if it’s a badge to be overcome and they wear it proudly.

  8. Seriously? This piece SO misses the point. It’s NOT about race or ‘culture’ or any of the other false things mentioned in this article. If you want to lose weight, it’s extremely simple. Burn more calories than you take in. In other words, eat less, exercise more. That’s all there is to it. There is no racial reason for black women being obese; that’s the tail wagging the dog. If you want to lose weight, stop reading this drivel and get off your butt and DO something. Simple.

  9. The reason black women gain weight more is because they have slower metabolisms.

    You cannot compare blacks to whites… They are different in every way. Studies are mainly determined by and for the white person. Whites came from black meaning white genes are regressive. Blacks are the progenitors on the earth everything started with blacks anything else is a genetic mutation… i.e. Defect. Look it up you’ll find the answers.

  10. Some of this article is a bit of a stretch. “Women who drink soda were more likely to be obese”. U might as well say women who consume more calories are likely to be obese. This is nothing new and neither is soda. Soda has been around a long time yet this obesity epidemic has just really started to spike in the last 15 years or so. Is soda a source of calories, yes. Does water have zero calories, yes.

    “Pizza and Mexican food have less calories than burgers?” Says who? Red meat is bad? I mean Mexican can mean a lot of things but typically it means ground beef. A burger is just a ground beef patty…I don’t see much difference. Perhaps people who eat burgers are more likely to get a soda and large fries?

    “People who exercise were less likely to be obese”? Again not really surprising. I do agree that maybe depression, inability to safely go outside, and the lack of grocery stores are probable causes to higher caloric intake but the rest is just thermodynamics which is not new.

  11. Did anyone else notice the picture comparing a bacon cheeseburger to a bean burrito and spinach pizza? Right, like the folks who are hitting up Wendy’s 3 times a day would definitely order a spinach pizza from dominos instead of their usual meat lovers and chicken
    Wings, that’s definitely better than a burger ( sarcasm). Obesity comes from 1 thing, eating more CALORIES than you burn. It doesn’t matter if these calories are from lettuce or lard. You cannot break the rules of thermodynamics. It’s true, poor people are normally fatter than people of means. The hierarchy or needs generally needs to be met before folks worry about exercising or eating right.

  12. No one going to address generational trauma, stress, medical disparities, and cortisol as part of the issue? Environmental racism, food deserts, occupational injustice? No? None of this can be remedied without first addressing the foundation of inequality. Please stop blaming McDonald’s for Black folx problems, it’s plain irresponsible.

    1. You didn’t even read the article because they did. About the 12th paragraph starting at « Psychological and social factors also have an impact.… ». If it was a rattle snake, you’d be in the hospital.

  13. What is most damaging is HIGH FRUTOSE CORN SYRUP. You might as well put rat poison in your diet. I make sure that what I buy doesn’t have it.

  14. Sorry, but it is not just calories!! It is diet and not just for black Americans, but for everyone! You have all seen it…an obese woman with an obese child! So sad! Fast food is cheap and readily available. A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables is NOT cheap!! Sadly, it goes from one generation to the next.
    When we give out food stamps, wouldn’t it be great to only have actual nutritional food?? Potato chips and sodas are not real food!!

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