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There are 20 comments on Smoking Allowed

  1. Hey guys! Let’s use the anonymity offered by the internet to make snide comments about people we don’t know!

    Please. If these people want to go out once a week and smoke a cigar, it’s their choice and they don’t need to catch e-flak for it. I’m somewhat sure with the flood of PSAs over the last decade that they understand the risks of smoking.

    I don’t even believe that smoking a cigar once a week would contribute very much to their inevitable mortality, and they clearly reap social benefits.

  2. Why are you so anxious to prevent death? Are you so married to your morality? Embrace it and don’t be a slave to the inexorable march of time. Life is but a means to an and.

  3. Cigars are not the leading preventable cause of death as is alleged by a previous commenter. Cigarettes are. It is a conceptual and scientific error to lump together everything that burns. Cigars are constructed differently, do not contain chemical additives and have no burning paper. Unlike cigarette smokers, the large majority of cigar smokers do not inhale.

    If one is going to choose to partake or not partake in a pleasurable activity based on a risk assessment it is important to assess the risks properly.

  4. I did an experiment: Purchased the NJOY electronic cigarette from 7 11 and did my daily smoking routine. Rather than smoking I ‘vaporized’. The result was amazing! I did enjoy my daily routine of drinking coffee, watching the hosts past by, while I took my puffs: but, I realized that I did NOT need to smoke actual cigaretts with their tar, bad smell, and teeth staining properties any more. The E CIG ‘taste’ is not comparable to an actual cigarette, but its ok: to me it has hints of HOOKA flavor and the vapor mist is slightly sweetened. Furthermore, since E CIG vapor is virtually odorless, I get to smoke more leisurely inside w/o braving the New England elements. I wish that I’d have become addicted to ‘vapor’ rather than cigarettes a long time ago, and I honestly believe that E CIGs have the swagger to be enjoyed as a replacement for even the ‘social’ smokers. Perhaps we should begin an E Cig Aficionado Society at BU to mark the transition to a new post-smoking era.

  5. Ignore the naysayers, nanny-staters, pleasure police and anti-enjoyment zealots and smoke your cigars.

    I hear fast food, alcohol and driving a car are also dangerous. Better give them up, too.

  6. What is this, San Angeles? Get over it, Dr. Cocteau.

    Also, technically and philosophically speaking, the largest cause of preventable death in the world is… conception. Get off your high horse.

  7. ‘ “The club is good for college students,” adds Thornton, who is also a residence hall director at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. ‘

    ‘ “You don’t have to get shit-faced to socialize in college,” he says. “You come here, you learn how to interact…Trying to figure out how to get a girl drunk at a frat party so you can make out with her—well, that’s just not going to be applicable down the road. ‘

    These are very troubling comments. Encouraging students to smoke is dangerous and naive – no matter what the presumed payoff in social growth. University officials should be examining the residence hall director’s comments/attitude very closely. The later comment is so knuckle-headed and insipiently misogynistic, I’m not sure how to react.

  8. I’m 65 and have been smoking about a cigar a week for around 15 years since at attorney I worked for turned me on to them. It is definitely not a ‘habit’ and I often don’t ‘herf’ (cigar talk for smoking with friend’s) for weeks. That is, I often don’t smoke a cigar for several weeks for whatever reason. Of all the cigar smokers I’ve met in 15 years I have only met one who inhales. Very dangerous in my opinion and I told him so. I know several women who smoke cigars as they do in the BU club. Great folks. Wonderful to socialize around a good cigar. So, unlike cigarettes that are always inhaled, puff after puff, cigars smoke is rarely inhaled. If I accidentally inhale some smoke it upsets me however it rarely happens, honest. So one smokes a good cigar for it’s flavor and enjoyable, soothing effect. Kind of like a good class of wine, only unlike wine which I also enjoy, cigar smoke gets into your mouth (and even though I realize it exists I’ve never met anyone who got mouth cancer from cigar smoke) and is expelled. Viva a good cigar!

  9. Well its nice information. But…

    The American National Cancer Institute have said that regular cigar smoking has proved to contribute a considerable danger to human health. Research projects have firmly linked cigar smoking with the types of cancer that attack the lungs, larynx, oral cavity and pharynx. More modern conclusions have suggested that smoking cigars may be also linked to pancreatic cancer. Tobacco users who on a regular basis breathe in smoke from cigars undergo a tremendously multiplied chance of enduring both lung and disease.

    The hazards related to an individual’s well being have been quantified to increment dramatically in people who smoke who smoke cigars regularly and breathe in the smoke. An individual who smokes merely three or four cigars every day could be raising the danger of being diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity by 8 times that of a person who does not smoke

    Many individuals are curious as to whether smoking cigars is as addictive as smoking a different tobacco product such as cigarettes. For instance an immense number of tobacco users discover themselves hooked on smoking cigarettes yet a much lower percentage of people who smoke, smoke cigars. The truth is, manifestly every tobacco product is going to be habit-forming merely due their nicotine content. Consider for instance the consequences of “smoke-free” tobacco items including snuff and chewing tobacco, these products can quickly get really habit-forming because of the fact they each incorporate nicotine.

    The majority of individuals who choose to smoke cigars don’t breathe in the smoke as deeply; consequently any nicotine is inhaled into the lungs in lower amounts. A person who smokes cigarettes broadly speaking breath in the smoke more deeply into their lungs allowing for lungs to readily absorb larger amounts of nicotine. Even allowing for the proposition that people who smoke cigars breathe in lower amounts nicotine, it’s all the same still quite probable that they’ll get addicted to nicotine if they continue regularly smoking cigars on a over a prolonged period of time.

    The question is often raised as to why individuals who smoke cigars appear to smoke less often than those who smoke cigarettes? It would appear that people who smoke cigars stave off the addiction process because of several causes. The primary grounds appears to be due to cigar smokers breathing in lower amounts of smoke and nicotine, in addition to this cigars are broadly speaking less obtainable than cigarettes and are looked on a “luxury” or “special occasion” item, associated with rare treats for exceptional events.

    Regularly smoking cigars may nevertheless get habit-forming, and fetch with it every associated health risks with those hazards accelerating dramatically as the quantity of cigars smoked increments.

  10. I notice that you said that smoking “merely 3 or four cigars a day” increases the risk of oral cancer 8 times? Do you realise how many cigars that is? I’ve been going to this club for a long time and I can do maybe 3 once a week if I’m feeling up to it. 3 or 4 a day is a ridiculously huge amount so its gratifying to know that this is what is considered slight in terms of risk.

    In any case we are aware of the risk that tobacco and nicotine pose, the information is not hidden or obscured anymore, but thank you for the additional info. I perfer instead to think of our cigars as funeral pyres guiding Sister Death through the dim light.

  11. “… An individual who smokes merely three or four cigars every day could be raising the danger of being diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity by 8 times that of a person who does not smoke…”

    As the person before me addressed, GOOD LORD. I have never met anyone who has smoked more than three cigars in any given day. I’m usually feeling lightheaded after one, and that itself takes a good hour to smoke. On a long night at club, I’ll maybe have a second, but then I’m completely done, and any more would make me horribly nauseous. All that said, there’s a reason the club limits this to a once-a-week activity – any more would simply be too much for a lot of our tastes, and I know I would not attend a second weekly meeting. Therefore, any arguments against the frequent exposure of cigarette smokers aren’t really relevant to this situation.

    “The majority of individuals who choose to smoke cigars don’t breathe in the smoke as deeply.”

    I don’t know a single person who inhales AT ALL, and if they do accidentally (usually the novices make this mistake once or twice), they’re reduced to a fit of coughing violent enough to discourage them from trying it again. Just something for you to consider with your argument.

    And finally, I’d point out that after years being a regular at this club, I have never once felt a craving for nicotine, even over vacations and summer-long hiatuses. This club does not in any way promote frequent enough exposure for most people to develop a nicotine addiction.

    I honestly do respect everyone’s devoted concern to the health of the nation, but we at club are all well aware of the risks of smoking, and any more provided information is simply beating a dead horse rather than productive.

    Finally, I would appreciate it if everyone (as most people have thus far admirably done) would keep their criticism to the activity itself and not the people. I doubt any of the nay-sayers have actually met any of those pictured or quoted, so any comments about them only come off as naive and immature.

  12. Excellent initiative. Don’t listen to those that can’t enjoy the finest things in life – a couple of cigars per week in good company won’t make us die young.
    Way to go BU CAS!

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