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  1. This dermatologist is like the doctor from a tobacco company who insists cigarette smoking is not linked to cancer.

    In her world, everyone would be D3 deficient..

    Disgusted at how she tried to turn the perspective away from how D3 really is implicated in so many diseases..

  2. Dr Gilchrist’s arguments were weak at best. It’s disappointing that the majority of the medical community doesn’t endorse anything that isn’t supported by Big Pharma.

  3. Gilchrist is a joke. Same old same old. I hope the dermatological community gets their pants sued off of them when people finally realize that the medical professionals who’ve been telling us to live like vampires are basically nuts. And where was the science regarding sunscreens…whoops…maybe on the floor of all the manufaturers of a product that basically makes your skin not work properly.

    I’d like to know what she has to say about the Copenhagen study that came out this week which claims that Vitamin D tirggers and arms the immune system.


    I hope Dr. Gilchrist’s malpractice insurance is up to date.

    I know you’ll delete this but it felt good to type it.

  4. Thank you Dr. Holick. Why is this so hard to understand? The evidence is a proven fact. I am from the generation of iodine and baby oil, maybe it really was the iodine and not the sun that caused increases in skin aliments. Although, I am 59 and have no visible signs of skin cancer. Why does it really feel so wonderful to sit in the sun? When it gets too hot, if we follow our instincts, we know it is time to get out of the SUN. We really need to think of ourselves as part of this planets completeness. We have existed on this planet but really need to exist with this planet. And if that includes a 15 minute sun bath daily, aren’t we lucky. I have heard that you can’t argue with an idiot, and anyone who sits in the sun long enough to get a sun burn is an idiot. Survival of the fittest is important because it decreases the world of idiots. So sunburns do have a purpose.

  5. This string of comments is absolutely absurd. Anyone who has spent any time in a dermatologist’s office watching people become disfigured because they need a large area of their skin excised due to skin cancers brought on by overexposure to the sun would be wary of unprotected sun exposure.

    Secondly, how you could you possibly relate someone who spends their life trying to protect their patients and the general public from cancer to the doctor’s advocating cigarette smoke, is beyond logical reasoning.

    I’d also like to point out that advising people to stay out of the sun, protect themselves from it, and take over-the-counter vitamin D supplements are not in any way advantageous to “Big Pharma.” These are actually preventative measures to inhibit the use of prescription drugs and medical devices later on that would make pharmaceutical companies a lot more money.

    Also, if you’re going to slander someone, at least attempt to spell her name correctly: Dr. Gilchrest. And, honestly, she’s a joke? She’s the most well-respected woman in dermatology in the world and you would be lucky to have a career or a brain with a quarter of the potential.

  6. Total hypothesization here but could part of the reason that people might be getting more skin cancers be because they are so vitamin d deficient that their skin has never worked properly? There is new research about this every day and that is what the GOOGLE is for so get to typing people.

    Why would one assume that just because Dr. Gilchrist is well known in her field she is the ultimate authority? Please read the history of what she tried to do to shut Dr. Holick up. It was conduct most unbecom9ing. Do some research. Just because something has been accepted science for years and years doesn’t always mean is the correct science.

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