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There are 6 comments on Does Facebook Own You?

  1. Facebook is the downfall of society. My friend, whom i will refer to as George Gkotv, checks this site AT LEAST 10-20 times a day. When he should be doing work, he needs to check the website for any new information. When he leaves his computer and comes back, again he must check to see what everyone is saying. The website has turned into a sick addiction for him that he, himself even realizes his connection to Facebook is unhealthy. The worst aspect of this situation is that his “facebookdiction” has spilled over to my life as he forced me to create my own facebook page. At first I was angry I fell under peer pressure, which DARE taught me not to, but now the web site is giving me a wierd feeling. Everyday I need to check what everyone is thinking and hope somone will comment on how I am feeling. I dont know why this is happening to me but I am slowly losing control of myself. I must fight it. I cant let this virus spill into my head. It wasnt so long ago I escaped myspace. But it must be done…I must make my final escape…

  2. I stopped using Facebook at the end of my Sophomore year because I realized that what started out as a simple site for you to get to know your college peers better and connect with them was expanding in different directions than what it started out to be. The original Facebook linking academically related individuals made sense. The current full blown profit-driven Facebook is more like Myspace than anything else. Like all things that grow when they accomodate more and more individuals, the control is eventually lost and chaos ensues. Facebook is nothing to me now. As much as people try to get me to go back, I only log in once every few weeks to poke a few friends to let them know I still exist and think about them sometimes. Other than that, the site is a complete utter waste of my time. I feel sorry for the guys in the same lectures as me who sit there on their laptops surfing Facebook for hot girls and look at pictures of themselves with their friends. I feel sorry because they could be doing more with their time.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say Facebook is the downfall of society because that’s an outright exaggeration, but Facebook indicates a clear sign of how individuals can easily get addicted to Internet usage. But Facebook the only site that does this.

    There are people who frequent forums, blog sites, porn sites (don’t deny it), and other Internet pages and spend countless hours on them. It’s just a damn shame that Facebook has now entered the ranks of such sites. It used to be an original idea that worked. Now it’s just doing what it has to to make money to support itself. Basically, it is a victim of its own success.

  3. facebook has really become an addiction for many people….so many people concentrate more on facebook rather than their work…it sometimes feels funny….

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