Principal Investigator

Sean_Andersson Sean B. Andersson, Ph.D.

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
Office: Room 421
110 Cummington Mall
Boston University, Boston, MA 02215
phone: (617) 353-4949
email: sanderss [at]




Current Members

Postdoctoral Researchers
Boris Boris I. Godoy, Ph.D.
bgodoy [at]
Optimal estimation, system identification, single particle tracking
Graduate Students
Yuhe Yuhe Chang, phd me 
yuhec [at]
Microparticle control, networked control theory
Clara Ye (Clara) Lin, phd se
yelin [at]
personal web page
Optimal estimation, system identification, single particle tracking
Sam"" Sam Pinto, phd me
samcerq [at]
Robotics, trajectory tracking
Ge Ge Song, ms me
sg9769 [at]
Multi-agent systems, robotics
Nic Nic Vickers, phd me
nvickers [at]
optics, single particle tracking, fluorescence microscopy
Bowen Bowen Xu, phd me
bowenx [at]
atomic force microscopy, nanofabrication

Undergraduate students

Liam Doran
ug student (UG4)
Mechanical Engineering
l d o r a n @ b u . e d u
Aidan Ryan
ug student (UG4)
Mechanical Engineering
a i d a n j r @ b u . e d u

Pranav Sultania
ug student (UG2)
Mechanical Engineering
p r a n a v 1 9 @ b u . e d u


Grad students

Sean Sanchez (M.S. in ME, 2020)
Harish Sathischandra (M.S. in EE, 2019, currently at NODAR)
Sheila Kang (M.S. in ME, 2019, currently at GlobalFoundries)
Yufan Luo (Ph.D. in ME 2018, currently at Juniper Networks)
Xi Yu (Ph.D. in ME, 2018, currently at GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania)
Brett Hartman (M.S. in ME, 2018, currently at GreenSight Agronomics)
Trevor Ashley (Ph.D. in ME, 2016, currently at MIT Lincoln Labs)
Ana Medina-Ayala (Ph.D. in ME, 2014, currently atli)
Jeffrey Worthy (M.S. in ME 2014, currently at TMC Ametek)
Brian Maxwell (M.S. in ME 2014, currently at Brooks Automation)
Peng Huang (Ph.D. in ME, 2013, currently at Western Digital)
Morteza Lahijanian (Ph.D. in ME, 2012, currently at University of Oxford)
Peter Chang (Ph.D. in ME, 2012, currently an Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Zhaolong Shen (Ph.D. in ME, 2011, currently at Clavio)
Ting (Rita) Sun (MS in ME, 2008, currently at J.P. Morgan)

Undergrad students

Spencer Graves (BS in ECE/ME, 2018)
Allison Winter (BS in ME, expected 2019)
Timmy Tu Hoang (BS in ECE, 2018)
Pei-Chuan Fu (BS in ME, 2016)
Shin Watanabe (BS in ME, 2015)
Tru Hoang (BS in ME, 2015)
Igor Pereira de Paula (BS in CE, 2016)
Darya Akimova (BA in BCMB, 2012)
Aditi Basu (BS in ME, 2012)
Catherine Chan-Tse (BS in ECE, 2013)
Alessandra Forcucci (BS in BME, 2011)
Peter Galvin (BS in ECE, 2012)
Gui Goretkin (BS in BME, 2009)
Zhanna Kaufman (BS in ECE, 2015)
Maureen (Molly) Keenan (BS in BME, 2011)
Jungyeoul (Brad) Maeng (BS in AE, 2011)
Jeremy Rosenthal (BS in BME, 2012)
Richard Walker IV (BS in ME, 2009)