Andreas Charidimou

Assistant Professor of Neurology


Dr Andreas Charidimou is an Asst. Prof of Neurology at Boston Medical Center (MA, USA). He graduated from the University of Athens Medical School (Athens, Greece), and was trained at the University College London, Queen Square, Institute of Neurology (London, UK) where he completed his post-graduate and PhD studies on applied clinical neuroimaging of cerebral small vessel disease and intracerebral hemorrhage. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School Hemorrhagic Stroke Research Program (Boston, USA). His research focuses on cerebral small vessel disease and cerebral amyloid angiopathy, aiming to improve diagnosis, define risk of hemorrhage and cognitive impairment, and integrate novel biomarkers into clinical practice. He is also working on the interplay between cerebral amyloid angiopathy and Alzheimer’s disease, especially with regards to novel immunotherapies targeting amyloid. Dr Charidimou has extensive experience in leading translational, cutting edge, patient-based, clinic research in stroke and dementia, with more than 250 peer-reviewed publications including several landmark first author papers in Neurology (the most highly cited clinical neurology journal), Stroke (the leading specialist journal in this field of research), JAMA Neurology, Brain, as well as a number of invited Commentaries and Editorials. He is regularly invited to give full lectures presenting his work at the most important international stroke conferences, including the European Stroke Organisation Conference and the International Stroke Conference.


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