Biomarker Core


The  Biomarker Core goal is to collaborate with other cores and centralize biomarker initiatives to support the BU ADRC mission to improve early and accurate diagnosis, differentiation, and monitoring of AD and ADRDs, including CTE. The Core will bank, distribute, and analyze fluid biospecimens and neuroimaging data for shared use with the ADRC.  The Core also works closely with the Data Core to maintain a comprehensive computerized database of information resulting from neuropathological analyses. The Biomarker Core

Brain Tissue Request

If you are interested in obtaining data from the BU ADC Neuropathology Core, please see the Information for Investigators page. Due to high demand, all requests for tissue will be limited to a maximum of 20 samples per requestPlease note all requests for brain tissue usually take at least 6 months to fill after your request has been approved.  

Core Leader