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Links to Disease Sites

HFI Links

HUGO site (HFI Gene Mutation Database)

HGMD site (Human Gene Mutation Database) in the UK
registration required (Tolan Lab login: email for password

HFI definition on Wikipedia

Links to Lab Safety Sites
Most recent Chemical Hygiene Plan (2015)

Most recent Biosafety Manual (2014)

Useful Lab Links

  • Laboratory Safety Training required to work in the lab, These are on line modules now through RIMS.

    Sign up for Laboratory Safety Training (click on Research Safety), Refresher Radiation Safety Training (click on Medical Physics & Radiation Safety), and Bloodborne Pathogens (click on Campus & Clinical Safety) Training

  • Ordering radioactive materials is now done through the regular procedures using the stockroom and an order form (NOTE: Besides listing the Amount, Isotope Name and compound, Vendor, and catalog number, You need to identify yourself as the user, Tolan as the PI, and our Permit Code (T-11). In addition, you need to list LSE-724 as the delivery room and the date that you need the material).
  • Radioactive Waste is picked up after filling out a form on line. You will need to know the isotope, volume (gal), category of waste (listed on the web site at the top), activity (μCi), description (solid or vials), estimated cost (from the tables at the the top of the web site), and account information (from Dr. Tolan). The instructions and policies for radioactive waste can be found at this site (click here).
  • Reservation of a Biology Room (in BRB only), LCD projectors, or laptops use the online reservation page.
  • Reservation of a Biology Conference Room in LSE (2nd-6th floors), you need to contact Peter D Castellano.
  • Reservation of a Chemistry Conference Room in LSE (7th-10th floors), first look at calendars. If your time is available, submit it using the submit tab. If there are conflicts or needs immediate approval, contact Lisa Holik, CMD Center Administrator. She can also be contacted to cancel a reservation.
  • Reservation of media for classrooms, use Media Services reservation page. There is a new site for Classroom Technology Services that has information about any room on campus! Also, CAS maintains a computer lab. Reservations can be made on their College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Calendar page.
  • Advisor Trac Sign up
  • CIC Sign up (Chemistry Dept. Instrument Core)
  • BU Shuttle Bus Schedule

  • Biology Department on BU maps
            Close-up of Campus around Biology Department
            Life Science & Engineering Building (LSEB) on BU maps
  • Tm Calculator. Just click on the USA flag and it takes you there.

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Others working on Aldolase
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Schedules of conference rooms at BU
Deleting events in LSE 7-10th floor conference rooms: email
Schedules of Biomolecular Seminars

Other useful links
BRENDA - Comprehensive Enzyme Information System
Protein Database
UCSC Genome browser
Operon Genomics (used to be Eurofins)
Boston Red Sox



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