RIMS Overview

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The Office of the Associate VP for Research Compliance (OAVPRC) developed Research Information Management System (RIMS) as an online application for the collection and management of data for various compliance management requirements.

Principal Investigators at BU/BMC who conduct laboratory research will use the RIMS PI Profile to submit, modify, or renew several categories of Office of Research Compliance-related information.  This currently includes general PI laboratory and Emergency Contact information, laboratory Locations, IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) protocols, Radioisotope Permits, Chemical Inventory, and Personnel rosters and related training and ROHP (Research Occupational Health Program) clearance records, as required by various regulatory agencies or campus oversight policies. The results of laboratory Inspections conducted by EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) can also be viewed in the RIMS PI Profile. PIs can authorize laboratory members to access their RIMS PI Profile as Primary/Secondary users, to assist with lab management including checking, adding, or editing content (but not submitting Permits and Protocols).

Individual researchers at BU/BMC can request and will use the RIMS Training Profile as the portal to access several Office of Research Compliance training courses and to manage their own individual training and ROHP clearance information. This includes registration for in-person classroom training sessions as well as links for online courses. For PIs, the Training Profile is embedded within the PI Profile described above (i.e., a separate request and log-in is not necessary).

RIMS also provides a centralized and integrated database for the administrative units to manage related issues such as ensuring prior approval before use of the hazardous material, suitability of location of use, adequate training and medical surveillance of staff, appropriateness of protective equipment measures, etc.

The OAVPRC has implemented strict security measures to ensure the information remains safe and secure.