RIMS Overview

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The Office of the Associate VP for Research Compliance (OAVPRC) is working on a comprehensive project to provide online application for collection and management of data for various compliance management requirements. The system has been branded as (RIMS) Research Information Management System.

The purpose of this project is to provide researchers with a single location to submit, modify or renew all their Research Compliance related information such as protocol approval requests (e.g. animal use, or biological use authorizations), hazardous materials inventories (e.g. chemical, biological, or radioactive materials), personnel rosters and training records, equipment lists, etc., as required by various regulatory agencies or campus oversight policies. RIMS will also provide a centralized and integrated database for the administrative units to manage related issues such as ensuring prior approval before use of the hazardous material, suitability of location of use, adequate training and medical surveillance of staff, appropriateness of protective equipment measures, etc.

RIMS is designed as a PI-centric system in which various research activities of PI’s are tracked. The PI defines the project he/she is working (e.g. location, category of subject, materials etc.). The combination of this information is used to determine specific needs of the project such as training, safety equipment, permits, etc. The system will be designed such that information provided for one application/form will be available for use in other forms/applications preventing duplication of data and allowing researcher to use more time to research and less time filling out paperwork. The OAVPRC is implementing strict security measures to ensure the information remains safe and secure.

RIMS is being developed as an integrated system that interconnects various committee needs, recognizing it is imperative, for example, for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee forms and processes to be fully coordinated with those of the Institutional Biosafety Committee to ensure the information obtained by one committee can be fully utilized by the other. OAVPRC is currently reviewing all its forms and processes to ensure they meet the current research and compliance needs, are based on best practices, are efficient, and are integrated with the needs of other stakeholders.

RIMS will go through a battery of tests from both the vendor and the university including but not limited to both an alpha and beta testing. OAVPRC recognizes the importance of having RIMS incur a vigorous testing process before full deployment.

Please check back periodically for updates and release dates regarding RIMS.