Join the African American Studies Department on Tuesday,  April 26th at 5pm for Cuba and the Way Forward: USA, Angola, Latin America and Beyond!, a round table discussion about Cuban affairs at the African American Studies building (138 Mountfort St. Brookline, MA 02446). The speakers will be a mix of students and professors from BU. The speakers for the discussion are as follows:

Linda Heywood – Professor of African History and the History of the African Diaspora and African American Studies at Boston University.

John Thornton – Professor of African American Studies and History; Director of African American Studies Program and Graduate Studies

Ana Maria Reyes – Assistant Professor of Latin American Art

Renata Keller – Assistant Professor of International Relations

Mary Jane Doherty – Associate Professor of Film

Susan Eckstien – Professor of Sociology and International Relations

Julie Klinger – Assistant Professor of International Relations

Aharon de Grassi – Agrarian Studies Program Fellow at the MacMillian Center Yale University

Ambassador Paul Webster Hare – Senior Lecturer of International Relations

Mariem Marquetti – Boston University Student

The speakers will share their particular research on Cuba with other speakers and the audience as well as engage in a discussion on contemporary Cuban affairs using their knowledge and findings. Join us as we plan to discuss ways of getting the administration, faculty and students engaged in fruitful discussions about Cuba in the world.

Cuba Round Table Flyer