Macro Social Work

Macro social work practice focuses on changing larger systems, such as communities and organizations. It encompasses a broad spectrum of practice, including planning, program development, community organizing, policy analysis, legislative advocacy, program evaluation, task-oriented group work, community education, and human services management. The macro practice concentration prepares students for careers in multiple arenas with a wide range of populations and social problems.

The macro concentration rests on a set of basic values that includes:

  • participatory democracy
  • multiculturalism
  • feminist principles
  • strengths and assets approach
  • community/consumer empowerment
  • social and economic justice

The curriculum offers courses that provide theory, knowledge, and practice skills in community analysis; needs, assets and resources assessment; outreach and recruitment; action research; strategic analysis; program design and implementation; leadership development; group dynamics; organizational development; collective action for large systems change; bargaining and negotiating; conflict resolution; public speaking; lobbying; media relations; supervision; proposal writing; budgeting; evaluation research; financial management; and nonprofit administration.

The foundation course is required for all students in a first-year field placement:

  • SSW MP 759 Communities and Organizations: Analysis and Intervention

Following this course, macro concentrators are required to take the following courses:

  • SSW MP 773 Human Services Management
  • SSW MP 781 Community Organizing
  • SSW MP 783 Planning and Program Development

A number of advanced macro electives are offered, including:

  • SSW MP 774 Seminar: Community Planning
  • SSW MP 775 Strategic Management
  • SSW MP 776 Financial Management in Human Service Organizations
  • SSW MP 785 Program Evaluation
  • SSW MP 794 Macro Field Seminar
  • SSW MP 795 Applied Macro Skills, Groups and Systems
  • SSW HB 750 Organizational Behavior and Culture

For detailed course descriptions, please visit the School of Social Work website.

For those who wish to concentrate on a career in management, the School offers a Human Services Management Certificate Program.

Clinical social work students who are interested in macro social work practice as a secondary method may pursue a Macro Sub-specialization Certificate.