Digital Dentistry in Prosthodontics and Restorative Science

SDM OP 806

The didactic and hand on course Digital Dentistry in Prosthodontics and Restorative Science is a continuation and extension of the restorative sciences curriculum. It provides residents with fundamental knowledge of principles and basic techniques of digital dentistry. This course will offer a wide range of experiences in digital dentistry from examination, treatment planning, mandibular function analyzes, airway, designing (CAD), production (CAM) to the application of dental research. The course serves a pivotal role in bridging the basic knowledge of digital dentistry in prosthodontics and restorative sciences, in which classes are taken predominantly and concurrently during the first-year residency, and the various subsequent clinical science courses. The student is made aware of how advances in dentistry are derived from scientific approaches and how the modern dentist has to be able to understand scientific data dealing with the digital world of restorative sciences. Current trends in dentistry demand that the practitioner can evaluate digital data intelligently, to make judgments on new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

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