PhD in Psychology

Course Requirements

All doctoral students must complete PS711 (Statistics in Psychology I) and GRS PS 712 (Statistics in Psychology II). Post-MA doctoral students must complete a minimum total of 8 semester courses (32 credits). Post-BA doctoral students must complete a minimum total of 16 semester courses (64 credits) of graduate work for the Brain Behavior and Cognition and Developmental Science PhD programs. A minimum total of 20 courses of graduate work is required for the Clinical PhD program. For specific course requirements for each program, please visit our website at Courses are selected in consultation with the major advisor, who may determine that additional work is required. Doctoral education includes appropriate research and practicum experience and is rarely completed in fewer than four academic years.

Research Requirement

Each student must satisfy a research requirement. During the first year, this is initiated through the director of the program and the student’s advisor.

Qualifying Examinations

PhD candidates must also pass an intensive examination in the area of specialization. This examination is ordinarily taken upon completion of two years of graduate work. These examinations may be supplemented by an oral examination and, at the discretion of the department, a student may be required to retake this exam. In addition, some programs may require preparation of a “specials” paper, which consists of a detailed analytic review of an appropriate body of research literature, or a clinical qualifying exam, which consists of a case analysis.

Residency Requirement

See General Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in this Bulletin.

Prospectus and Dissertation

See General Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in this Bulletin. Upon completion of all departmental language and qualifying examinations, the candidate must submit a formal dissertation prospectus.

Final Oral Examination

Upon completion of all requirements, the candidate must pass a final oral examination in defense of the dissertation and demonstrate a mastery of the field of specialization as it is related to the dissertation.


  • CAS PS 504 Trends in Contemporary Psychology
  • CAS PS 520 Research Methods in Perception and Cognition
  • CAS PS 525 Cognitive Science
  • CAS PS 528 Human Brain Mapping
  • CAS PS 529 Neuroplasticity
  • CAS PS 530 Neural Models of Memory Function
  • CAS PS 541    Social Development
  • CAS PS 544 Developmental Neuropsychology
  • CAS PS 546 Cognitive Development
  • CAS PS 549 Developmental Psychopathology
  • CAS PS 552 Topics in Family Research
  • CAS PS 560 Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • CAS PS 572 Psychology of Women
  • GRS PS 699 Teaching of Psychology I
  • GRS PS 704 Contemporary Trends in Psychology
  • GRS PS 711 Statistics in Psychology I
  • GRS PS 712 Statistics in Psychology II
  • GRS PS 716 Psychological Research Methods
  • GRS PS 732 Behavioral Medicine
  • GRS PS 734 Psychopharmacology for the Behavioral Scientist
  • GRS PS 735    Concepts of Motivation
  • GRS PS 737 Memory Systems of the Brain
  • GRS PS 747 Infant Development
  • GRS PS 750 Mind and Language
  • GRS PS 751 Personality Theory
  • GRS PS 754 Forensic Psychology
  • GRS PS 761 Major Issues in Social Psychology
  • GRS PS 770 Ethics in Psychology
  • GRS PS 772 Clinical Psychological Assessment of Adults
  • GRS PS 773 Clinical Psychological Assessment of Children and Families
  • GRS PS 774 Clinical Psychological Assessment of Adults Practicum
  • GRS PS 790 Family Theory and Research
  • GRS PS 791 Psychology of Social Oppression
  • GRS PS 822 Visual Perception
  • GRS PS 824 Cognitive Psychology
  • GRS PS 825    Early Social Cognition
  • GRS PS 828 Adult Language
  • GRS PS 829 Principles in Neuropsychology
  • GRS PS 835 Attention
  • GRS PS 836 Molecules and Behavior
  • GRS PS 840 Developmental Behavioral Genetics
  • GRS PS 844 Theories of Development
  • GRS PS 847 Atypical Development
  • GRS PS 860 Child Therapy
  • GRS PS 874 Seminar: Psychotherapy
  • GRS PS 875 Advanced Psychopathology
  • GRS PS 879 The Scientist Practitioner
  • GRS PS 880 Empirically Supported Treatments of Psychological Disorders
  • GRS PS 882 Empirically Supported Child and Family Treatments
  • GRS PS 883    Social Anxiety: Clinical, Developmental, and Social Perspectives
  • GRS PS 893 Contemporary Issues in the Psychology of the Family

Directed Study or Research

Time arranged on all Directed Study courses and practicums. Variable cr.

  • GRS PS 901, 902 Directed Study in Psychology
  • GRS PS 909, 910    Professional Issues in Psychological Science 1, 2
  • GRS PS 951 Special Topics in Clinical Psychology
  • GRS PS 973, 974 Clinical Practicum
  • GRS PS 978 Laboratory and Research Practicum
  • GRS PS 979/980 Clinical Internship
  • GRS PS 993 Clinical Supervision of Psychotherapy
  • GRS PS 994 Clinical Supervision of Psychotherapy—Practicum

Related Courses in Cognitive & Neural Systems

Descriptions for the courses listed below can be found in the course offerings for Cognitive & Neural Systems.

  • CAS CN 510 Principles and Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling I
  • CAS CN 520 Principles and Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling II