Women’s Guild

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    Newcomers Luncheon Speaker: K. Chang, Professor SMG

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    Honorary President Beverly Brown

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Helping BU faculty and staff form connections and reach their goals.

We are Boston University’s women— and men— faculty, staff, trustees, and overseers, as well as friends of BU. We join together to get to know one another better, to network for our career and personal development, to explore the wide-ranging interests of our members and the myriad offerings at BU, and to support women graduate students at the University.

Our events reflect the vast array of fascinating studies and research here, as well as the compelling undertakings of our alumni and friends beyond campus. Throughout the academic year we offer engaging programs: book signings, seminars and presentations by experts in their fields, art shows, music and theater performances, wine-tastings, cooking demonstrations, outings, gala parties, and more. Gatherings include time to network.

Dear to our hearts is our work to raise funds for BU’s women graduate students 30 years and over. Annually, the Guild awards scholarships, book awards, and writing awards to these women of excellence from the U.S. and countries around the world, in every field of endeavor, to assist them in following their academic and professional dreams.

Please join us to meet other Boston University women — and men— to broaden your network, enrich your experience of this marvelous institution, and help other BU women reach their goals.

Check out our site to learn more and to become a member. We’ll be happy if you do, and so will you!

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