Student Health Ambassadors

“Small healthy changes can make a big difference.”

The Student Health Ambassadors (SHAs) are a group of health-minded undergraduates that serve as liaisons between Student Health Services and BU students. The SHAs are certified peer educators through the Bacchus Network© and are trained by professionals in many areas of wellness including stress management, sleep hygiene, and sexual health.

You will see the SHAs on campus leading stress management workshops, promoting sexual health and the Condom Fairy program, helping with flu prevention, communicating health information, and planning exciting and educational events.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Applications to become a SHA open February, 2015! 

Meet the Student Health Ambassadors for 2014-2015

Alex de Groot (Lead SHA)
Health Science, SAR, 2015
I joined Student Health Ambassadors because I want to help make BU students aware of all the health-related resources available to them on campus. I strongly believe that good health is critical to academic success, and so it is my goal to help make that happen.

Christopher Laffey
Health Science, SAR 2016
Knowing the resources you have available to you can make an incredible difference in your social life, academic success and overall health. I became a SHA to help my peers learn about all of the health and wellness related services they have available to them at BU. I am proud to serve as a liaison between SHS and the BU student body and help our community live a healthier lifestyle. I am an avid runner, recreational fisherman, amateur guitarist and coffee connoisseur.

Rodja Filiz Yuzbasioglu
Health Sciences, SAR 2015
I decided to become a SHA to help my fellow students learn how to incorporate healthy behaviors in their everyday habits. I hope to go into international health policy making in the future, so impacting BU campus health is a first step towards that goal. I love traveling, human rights movements, and attending concerts.

Hilary Colbeth
Biology, Minor in Public Health, SAR 2015
I decided to be Student Health Ambassador because I wanted to be able to provide BU’s student body with a peer they could come to with questions and concerns knowing that they will be provided with accurate information. I hope my involvement will promote healthy choices and raise awareness of our school’s health services.

Theresa Madonna
Business Administration, SMG 2016
I became a Student Health Ambassador to help make BU students aware of the little things they can do to lead a healthier and happier life as a college student. I love Harry Potter and Disney World.

Jessica Sokol
I joined Student Health Ambassadors to help educate my fellow BU students on the countless health resources all around campus. I am interested in pursuing a career in public health and being an SHA is a great way to get started in being involved in helping those around me get access to the resources available. I love traveling, food, and helping others.

Joanna Tung
I decided to become a Student Health Ambassador because I care about my friends and peers. I believe healthy life style allows us to enjoy life to its fullest, and I would love to introduce helpful tips and learn from my peers about healthy choices. I enjoy food adventures, instrumental music, and fencing.

Claire Brown
CAS 2016

Jonathan Punnose
SAR 2016

Brian Zitin
Class of 2017

Brian Mecca
Class of 2016

Tyler James
SMG 2016

Melody Eaton
SAR 2017

Randall Leung
Class of 2017

Savan Shah
Class of 2017