In case of a medical emergency, Student Health Services and/or the University Police will help in managing the emergency quickly and effectively. Call the Boston University Police at 617-353-2121 (3-2121 on a campus phone) or 911 if you have a life-threatening emergency. True medical emergencies are transported by ambulance to local hospital emergency departments. Boston University Student Health Services will call to follow up on your emergency and will help in arranging additional care when needed.

  • Emergency
  • 617-353-2121 BU Police
  • 911 if life-threatening
  • Student Health Services 617-353-3575
  • Sexual Assault 617-353-SARP (7277)
  • Behavioral Medicine 617-353-3569
  • Boston University Police 617-353-2121
  • Ambulance 617-353-2121
  • Fire 617-353-2121
  • Poison Control Center 617-232-2120
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 617-492-RAPE

You can also visit the Boston University Police website for more information.