Current Cadets


For all other forms, please contact your MS Advisor or the HRA.


In order to enroll you must have:

  1. Your birth certificate (Must be certified)
  2. A copy of your Social Security card.
  3. A copy of your naturalization papers, if applicable
  4. Your selective Service registration number (males only)
  5. Immunization reports. These can be provided by your doctor
  6. A copy of your SAT/ACT scores
  7. Any college transcripts if you have completed college courses.
  8. Any DD Form 214s if you have prior service
  9. DA Form 3425./MEPS Physical/DODMERB Qualification letter or waiver. (If applicable)
  10. Statement providing dentist’s name, address, and phone number, and that they have your dental records on file.
  11. Blood Type Test