BTI Certificate

The BTI Certificate

The Nature of the Certificate: This certificate in Religion and Conflict Transformation is awarded by the Boston Theological Institute in recognition of courses taken in Religion and Conflict Transformation, and related areas, at the schools of the Institute. The award is determined by a committee composed of faculty who represent the BTI schools. There are two ways to earn a certificate: 1) Supplement an existing program for degree candidates in the BTI schools. 2) Register for continuing education programs in the BTI schools. Registrants may be social workers and lawyers, teachers and missionaries, pastors or priests on sabbatical leave, military and prison chaplains or religious caregivers in other areas, or others desiring Continuing Education Units through the schools.

How to Apply for the Certificate: Applications for the certificate are sent upon the student’s completion of the program’s requirements. Please fill out the application for the certificate and send it to the BTI office ( ), and to the Program Administrator at the RCT office (

Deadlines: December graduates must apply for the certificate by November 1st. For a May/June graduation, applications must be received by March 15th.