The School of Theology is pleased to announce the Murray Family’s recent pledge, with a $ for $ match, to the Tom Porter Religion and Conflict Transformation Program. Rev. Joan and Bob Murray warmly invite you to consider supporting the RCT Program today and offer the following message to the STH community.

Rev. Joan Murray (’82) and Bob Murray with their granddaughter.

We are pleased to make this challenge grant for the Tom Porter Religion and Conflict Transformation Program because we believe wholeheartedly in its mission and in its founder.  We want to support Tom Porter, our family friend of many years and the founder of the program, because as an attentive listener, and a mediator, he practices what the program teaches.

What the program teaches is what the world has always needed, but perhaps needs now more than ever, especially in our own country, but in the wider world as well.  Even as divisions among us are becoming more pronounced, the truth remains that we are all connected one to the other and to all of creation.  Conflict among any of us and the suffering of any, as well as the suffering of our planet, affect us all.  We need to learn again and again, how to listen to one another and to resolve conflicts peacefully and equitably.  Conflict can be an opportunity to change and grow.  We want future generations, all our grandchildren, to live in a world where civil discourse is the norm, and we want them to have the skills to resolve ongoing conflicts.  This is what the Tom Porter Religion and Conflict Transformation Program teaches.  As people are sent out into the world with these skills, the number of people who can offer such skills grows exponentially. 

 A small program can have a lot of power, and we want to see the efforts bear much fruit and thrive.  Won’t you join us in supporting this amazing program?

Click here to donate to the RCT program today!

For questions about a multi-year pledge, please contact Ray Joyce.