RCT Travel Seminars

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Travel Seminars at STH were started by the RCT program, and continue today through collaborative partnerships with faculty and other international organizations. Travel Seminars give students an opportunity to explore Religion and Conflict Transformation at an international level but are always rooted in communities. Interactions with local peacemakers, or those involved with the work of transitional justice or reconciliation from different cultural perspectives are important for the work of conflict transformation.  Opportunities to observe and interact with multiple faith communities as they address issues of conflict and facilitate healing are essential to travel seminars.  Students must submit an application through the School of Theology to be returned by October 1st and can apply for funding to subsidize one Travel Seminar.

Travel Seminars typically are scheduled for January, Spring Break, May, or August.  Past RCT Travel Seminars include:

  • Dual Narratives: Israel/Palestine
  • Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in the Balkans
  • Harmony and Peace Making: South India
  • Trauma, Theology, and Interreligious Healing: Indonesia

Below are Images from past Travel Seminars: