Spring Capstone

The Spring Capstone Colloquium is an opportunity for the RCT community to hear each graduating participant in the program share learnings from their study in the RCT Program as well as how these learnings will guide them in their work in the future.  These have been remarkable events, inspiring and educational.  In preparation for their presentation, each graduate writes an integrative paper that speaks to their particular journey in conflict transformation. Attendance at the Spring Capstone Colloquium is a required part of the certificate program.

The 2022 RCT Graduates were:

Sarah Ford
Beth St. John
Vittoria Rosati
Chloe McLaughlin
Florence Glynn
Heidi Fiore
Roger Mutembezi
Oscar Guana Osorio
Laura Montoya Cifuentes
Kenneth Baiza Mukonyezi
Cindy Rassi
Breanne MacFarland
Thomas Roane
Lian Thawng Hnin

We wish them well!