Large-scale, wave-driven problems

Development and application of numerical models

by Dr Patrick Lynett

Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University


(1) Nearshore numerical modeling of waves and currents

  • Linear and analytical approaches
  • Spectral-based approaches
  • Depth-integrated and Boussinesq-type approaches
  • Navier- Stokes equation-based approaches

(2) Coupled and nested simulation with different equation models and numerical schemes

  • Grid nesting for refinement
  • Weak and strong coupling methods
  • Coupling approaches for shallow water, dispersive, and NS models
  • Review of relevant parallelization approaches

(3) Numerical applications for large-scale problems: tips and tricks

  • Presentation of various modeling applications: high-resolution tsunami inundation, currents in ports and basins, storm waves; setting up initial and boundary conditions; shorelines and bottom friction; numerical convergence