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Master of Science in
Computer Information Systems Boston University Metropolitan College


Best Online Programs U.S. News & World Reports Graduate Computer Information Technology 2016

#3, Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs (U.S. News & World Report 2016).

BU’s online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) is designed for working professionals who seek to advance their careers in the IT field. The MSCIS features concentrations in Computer Networks, Data Analytics, Database Management & Business Intelligence, Health Informatics, IT Project Management, Security, and Web Application Development—some of the fastest growing and highest paid segments of the IT job market.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Computer Information Systems will be able to demonstrate:

CNSS This program is certified by the Committee on National Security Systems through the National Security Agency's INFOSEC Education and Training Program.
  • Advanced knowledge in the analysis and documentation of requirements for architecture, design, and implementation of computer applications systems.
  • Proficiency in software and computing skills as they pertain to the design and implementation of database systems, data communications, systems analysis, and design.
  • Competence sufficient to identify current and emerging information technologies that may have strategic value for enterprise; assess where those technologies have value; and manage the implementation of those technologies in the enterprise.

The MSCIS offers a unique opportunity to gain expertise—and career advancement—in these six areas of concentration. You’ll learn from expert faculty who are also industry leaders involved with building networks, developing applications, and fighting cyber terrorism for the world’s top companies. In other words, online programs at Boston University provide something you won’t get anywhere else: a cutting-edge technical education rooted in a 150-year old tradition of academic excellence.

The MSCIS will prepare you to:

  • Achieve a managerial position in computer science or information systems
  • Combine technical skills in information systems with knowledge of managerial and organizational issues
  • Perform security planning, organization, and control
  • Respond to situations of disaster recovery

The online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems consists of ten courses that can be completed in less than two years of study. All students complete a set of six core courses in addition to four specialized courses that further develop expertise in a specific area.

Applicants to the program are required to have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and proficiency equivalent to the following areas:

  • MET CS 200 Fundamentals of Information Technology

    This course is a technically-oriented introductory survey of information technology. The course is designed to prepare students without a technical background to succeed in the entry graduate courses in our Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems and Masters of Science in Telecommunications programs. The course starts with the basics such as the parts of a computer and the different kinds of software, including file systems, databases, computer networks, and the worldwide web. Students then learn about the different types of business systems and the basics of systems analysis, design and development. Students then study the basic mathematics needed for information technology, including the number line, operations on numbers, signed numbers, exponents and powers, algebra, sets, functions, graphs, logarithmic and exponential functions, limits, infinity, and elementary probability. Students then study the representation of data on computers and about databases, and how data is communicated between computers over networks. Finally students learn how computer software is developed, including programming languages, programming systems, data and control structures, arrays, loops, subroutines and classes. Students then develop simple Java programs. [ 4 cr.]

If college-level credit courses are not in evidence, the department will determine what prerequisite courses must be completed in addition to graduate degree requirements. Students claiming equivalent proficiency in the prerequisite courses from non-academic sources must take an examination to demonstrate such proficiency.

Students may choose one of the following concentrations:

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