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Physics of the Human Mind Lubashevskiĭ, I. A. (author) ; 2017 Deep Life - The Hunt for the Hidden Biology of Earth, Mars, and Beyond Onstott, Tullis Immunity- The Evolution of an Idea Tauber, Alfred Putting the genie back - solving the climate and energy dilemma Time Machine Tales The Science Fiction Adventures and Philosophical Puzzles of Time Travel Nahin, Paul Evolution Driven by Organismal Behavior A Unifying View of Life, Function, Form, Mismatches and Trends Diogo, Rui Quantum Systems in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Advances in Concepts and Applications Alia Tadjer; Rossen Pavlov; Jean Maruani; Erkki J Brändas; G Delgado-Barrio Processes in Human Evolution- The journey from early hominins to Neandertals and Modern Humans Ayala, Francisco J. ; Cela-Conde, Camilo J History of Human Genetics Aspects of Its Development and Global Perspectives Heike I Petermann; Peter S Harper; Susanne Doetz Biomimetic Microsensors Inspired by Marine Life Mechanics for Materials and Technologies Mechanics of Materials – Formulas and Problems Engineering Mechanics 2 Biomechanics- Trends in Modeling and Simulation Engineering of Biomaterials Innovations in Biomedical Engineering Discrete Probability Models and Methods Probability on Graphs and Trees, Markov Chains and Random Fields, Entropy and Coding Metaprogramming in R Advanced Statistical Programming for Data Science, Analysis and Finance Introduction to Data Science A Python Approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications


Books at SEL

Case studies in neural data analysis - a guide for the practicing neuroscientist : Mark A. Kramer and Uri T. Eden.
Probability theory - a complete one-semester course : Nikolai Dokuchaev, Curtin University, Australia. Probability theory : A. Rényi. Analysis on Gaussian spaces : Yaozhong Hu, University of Kansas, USA. Sea level rise in Florida - science, impacts, and options : Albert C. Hine, Don P. Chambers, Tonya D. Clayton, Mark R. Hafen, and Gary T. Mitchum. Land surface remote sensing in continental hydrology : edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Mehrez Zribi. Forest and the water cycle - quantity, quality, management : edited by Patrick Lachassagne and Michel Lafforgue. The geology of Japan : edited by Teresa Moreno, Simon Wallis, Tomoko Kojima, and Wes Gibbons. The sauropod dinosaurs - life in the age of giants : Mark Hallett and Mathew J. Wedel. Sustainable sanitation for all - experiences, challenges, and innovations : edited by Petra Bongartz, Naomi Vernon and John Fox. WEEE recycling - research, development, and policies : edited by A. Chagnes [and four others]. Parallel lives - two Hoosier chemists from Peru : by George Fleck. Basic elements of crystallography : Nevill Gonzalez Szwacki, Teresa Szwacka. Establishing the environmental flow regime for the Middle Zambezi River : Elenestina Mutekenya Mwelwa. Introduction to magnetic random-access memory : Bernard Dieny, Ronald B. Goldfarb, Kyung-Jin Lee. Deep learning : Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville. Endless universe - beyond the Big Bang : Paul J. Steinhardt and Neil Turok. The Oxford handbook of the prehistoric Arctic : edited by T. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason. A farewell to ice : Peter Wadhams ; with a Foreword by Walter Munk. Air pollution and global warming - history, science, and solutions : Mark Z. Jacobson.