Teacher: Jeanine Constantine
Fellow: Angela Seliga
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Boston University
Project STAMP pairs graduate students in biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, or physics with teachers in Boston public schools to enhance scientific content in K-12 education for one academic year.

Angela Seliga is a graduate student in Biology at Boston University. She studies mating-induced changes in gene expression in female rats. Prior to GK12, she has taught Introductory Biology and Physiology laboratories to undergraduates.

Jeanine Constantine is a special needs teacher in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Brighton High School. Her classes have approximately 10 students in grades 9-12, which allow for more one-on-one interaction with these students.

Together, Jeanine and Angela have been modifying the Living By Chemistry curriculum for juniors and seniors in the fall 2006 and Biology: A Human Approach curriculum for sophomores in the spring 2007.

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Alex and Racquish making edible cells
Regina examining an onion cell
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Living By Chemistry
Add 'Em Atom: building Bohr's model wtih M & Ms
Insect Survival: color adaptation in moths
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Electron Configuration: intro for writing e- configurations
Edible Cell: review for cell organelles
Anatomy Field Trip
Reactivity Video
Molarity Jeopardy: review using template
Evolution and Homeostasis Jeopardy: review using template
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Evolution and Homeostasis Bingo: review
Energy and Reproduction Jeopardy: review using template
If you have any questions about our lessons, please feel free to email amseliga@bu.edu.