Energy and Reproduction Jeopardy

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  • Subject Area: Biology
  • Age or Grade: Sophomores
  • Estimated Length: 70 minutes
  • Prerequisite knowledge/skills: Students have completed the Energy and Reproduction units.
  • Description of New Content: Students will review Energy and Reproduction to prepare for the citywide final and Biology MCAS.
  • Goals: Students will be able to answer questions about digestion, nutrition, life cycles, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, reproduction, and genetics.
  • Procedure:
    • Opener: none
    • Development:
      1. Divide class into 2 teams.
      2. Show the 6 categories. Explain that higher point questions are harder.
      3. Explain that each team must elect a captain, who will be the person to give the final answer.
      4. Explain that team 1 will choose a question to answer and will have 2 minutes to answer. Team 2 must also prepare to answer the question in case team 1 gives an incorrect answer in which case they will have 30 seconds to answer. The team with the most points wins!
    • Closure:
      1. We used a final jeopardy question. Explain that teams will be allowed to see the category and then will place secret bets based on how well they know the category. After the bets are placed, students will see the question and will have 2 minutes to write down the answer.
      2. Suggestion: offer extra credit or free homework grade to the winners (although no incentive was necessary for a heated competition!).
  • Evaluation: Students had the citywide final and Biology MCAS.
  • Extensions: Students could make their own jeopardy questions (and provide the answers) to give to the other team.