Evolution and Homeostasis Bingo

Other Biology lessons: Insect Survival, Edible Cell, Evolution and Homeostasis Jeopardy, and Energy and Reproduction Jeopardy

  • Subject Area: Biology
  • Age or Grade: Sophomores
  • Estimated Length: 45 minutes
  • Prerequisite knowledge/skills: Students have completed the Evolution and Homeostasis units.
  • Description of New Content: Students will review Evolution and Homeostasis to prepare for the citywide midterm.
  • Goals: Students will be able to answer questions about the brain, evolution, Darwin, classification, homeostasis, and cells.
  • Materials Needed:
  • Procedure:
    • Opener: none
    • Development
      1. Pass out the definitions sheet. Explain to students this list is similar to the bingo balls they use in bingo halls. Students will pick a number from the cup and the teacher will read the definition allowed and write the number on the board.
      2. Pass out the playing cards (make different versions). Explain to students that after the definition is read, students will have to determine which word the definition applies to, write down the # underneath the word, and place a penny on the square.
      3. Explain to students that they must complete a row across, up and down, or diagonal in order to have bingo (the middle square is a free spot). In order to win, students must have the correct definition for each of the words.
      4. One round took about 15-20 minutes. We played at least 2 rounds to try to get all the definitions.
    • Closure:
      1. We gave the winner(s) candy.
  • Evaluation: Students had the citywide midterm.
  • Extensions: Students could be given a blank playing card and allowed to fill them in on their own with a given word list. The word list could be bigger to prevent students from using process of elimination. Students could also be given new playing cards so they would have to renumber for subsequent rounds.