Useful Supplementary Material for Lessons

Throughout the year, Angela provided/created the following material to supplement the corresponding lessons. As these were useful to the teacher and/or the students, they have been provided for the benefit of others. Enjoy!

  • Formulas Poker: This is a card game to practice writing chemical formulas. The scorecard was adapted to give space for students to write the names of the chemicals they create with each turn.

  • Evolution: These materials were adapted from the textbook so students could highlight as they read information about Lucy, the oldest hominid fossil discovered, how fossils are made, and the difference between Evolutionary Biologists and Developmental Biologists. Within this unit, students have difficulty grasping deep time, so a timeline was created for them so they could first label when they were born and then label key evolutionary events (such as creation of Earth, 1st life, dinosaur extinction, Lucy, etc).

  • Characteristics of Life : This chart was created so students could visualize what all living organisms have in common.
  • Levels of Organization: This poster was created so students could visualize that cells could organize into tissues, which organize into organs, etc. using a triangle to represent size/complexity. It also shows organ systems of various kingdoms and the difference between unicellular and multicellular organisms.

  • Reproduction: Students were first shown the human male and female reproductive anatomies, which also has some nice flash interactives. Students were then given this summary diagram of the menstrual cycle. Finally, students were given this table for a review of the differences between male and female reproduction as well as some interesting facts about reproduction.